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History: 25 Years CD Ortofon, Garrard, Decca, Tannoy
Your Desert Island Discs Lp Cleaning & DIY Cleaning Formula
Turntable & Cartridge Adjustment
The Universal Stabilizing Ring SACD: Upsampling & Noiseshaping
DIY: Turntable Weight/Clamp
URSR: Review in HiFi World LP Lists
URSR: Picture Gallery
The TD124 page
Joachim Bung: Swiss Precision
Mengelberg's St. Matthew Passion Plinth for Technics SP-10 mk2
Paris Jazz The Sound of The Turntable Mat
CLASSIQUE 777 Lp Record Covers The Treasure Trove
Klaas A. Posthuma - Remembered Ernst Lumpe: Allegro-Royale Pseudonyms
Steinway-Lyngdorf Model D Loudspeaker Infinity KAPPA 7 A Loudspeaker Systems
The Sound of Tubes and Transistors
Elisabeth Lugt Soprano Active Loudspeaker System
Marie-Claire Alain, Organist Phono Cartridge Optimizing
Decca London Ribbon HF Loudspeaker Gold for Bernard Haitink
The Joy of Well Positioned Speakers Rabco SL-8E Tangential Tonearm
Vintage Equipment Mercury Living Presence Records
The Long Playing Record Guide HiFi Tunes: DAS KLASSIKERBUCH
The SP10 Page DIY:Tonearm Building
Stefano Pasini: German Perfection The Bullet Plug
Record Shops in Amsterdam Violinist/Violist Paul Godwin
Acoustic Revive R77 Generator The Remington Site
How to Correct WARPED Records Mercury Recordings on Fontana
Nostalgia: Violinists on 7" 45 rpm Contemporary Records - Lester Koenig-
NOTES: The Belt Drive Turntable Concert Hall - Musical Masterpiece Society