Are you a Record Collector? CD and/or LP?

Then this message is for you!

This is an appeal for music lovers subscribe to "Classical Recordings Quarterly", a wonderful magazine devoted to historical artists and recordings.

The magazine's future is very much in doubt - subscriptions are down.

A free sample of the magazine is available here in pdf format:

Classical Record Quaterly also has its very own line of historical CDs, featuring a whole series of symphonic, instrumental, chamber, and vocal recordings, many of which have never been re-issued since the 78 rpm or LP format:


It is an extraordinary little magazine that should appeal to serious music lovers, scholars, and amateurs alike.

It is not simply a "record review" journal - in fact, most of its contents is given over to biographical articles on great artists of the past (and sometimes of the present).

There's nothing amateurish about it - it is beautifully printed on glossy paper with perfect binding, full of photos and other documentary material.

I think it is a real treasure in this regard - for example, many of the articles on conductors are written by the musicians who actually played under them - be it Giulini, Scherchen, Furtwangler, Klemperer.


Please help keep this magazine going by considering a subscription. Thank you.

And you know how wonderful it is to read a magazine not from a screen but just, say, the analogous way, having it in your hand and relaxing in your favorite chair, and absorbing its contents.

Joe Moore.
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