Above at left you see a spindle with a damaged bearing housing as part of a TD 124 skeleton, found on a flee market. It was a pity to let the parts go to waste. So I stored them in a box. I was waiting for a bearing replacement.

Now many years later the opportunity presented itself to buy a new bearing housing from professional machinist Mirko Djordjevic in the US. The bearing is pictured above at right. It is a copy of the original bearing and is professionally and precisely machined from stainless steel. The measurements for the bushings are exact. The existing, original base plate from your old bearing housing can be used on this new one. But if you do not want to use it, you can order a new, heavier base plate, also turned precisely from stainless steel, together with a new thrust (pad) plate and gasket (also in the picture). The spindle fits to a T.
I will conduct more trials later. But do not wait for my report. This new bearing housing will give the original specifications to every TD-124 spindle: exact tolerance, smooth operation. The complete bearing is as new and is ready to function for many years to come, in whatever set up. You can contact Mirko Djordjevic by sending an email. In his program are also parts for Lenco L75, SME, Garrard 301, etc.


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