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The design and names 'Universal Record Stabilizing Ring',
'URSR' and 'The Universal RSR' are
Copyright 2003-2013 by Rudolf A. Bruil.

Hugh Unsworth's Martin Bastin-Garrard 401 with Hadcock / Cartridgeman Musicmaker III / Acoustic Solid Record Clamp was used by Stewart Wennen in the test of the URSR in Hifi-World.

"This ring certainly enables the listener to really feel the emotional impact of music!"


From Zagreb Zelimir Frigan's Rega P9 / RB900 and the URSR.

"Well Rudolf, the RSR has landed on my turntable and all day long I cannot make the silly smile on my face go away... The thing works big time!!!"


Wim van Reusel - Verdier La Platine / Pluto / Van Den Hul Black Beauty / Universal Record Stabilizing Ring, Stabilizer Weight.

" I listened yesterday evening until night and the result is incredible. What struck me immediately is the balance of the sound when using the RSR; the sharp edges of the highs had completely disappeared."


Giovanni Cimbalo - Garrard 401 / Rega RB 250 / His DIY Turntable Weight plus Universal RSR.

"Qualche novita… Ciao, Gianni."


Todd Beasley - VPI Scout / JMW9 Tonearm / ZYX Fuji (playing a white vinyl record?) and the URSR.

"This product does what the other products do far less, and it works on any table. Bravo!"


Gilbert Lau's beautiful set up of VPI HR TNT with JMW 12.5 tonearm and the Universal RSR.

"After the A, B comparison we found it gives more details, solid & outstanding sound quality."


Scheu Premier MK2 turntable - Classic MK2 Tonearm - Living Voice Mystic Mat - Audio-Technica AT-33 PTG Cartridge.

"Basically, being able to help in some warped records is just a bonus, the main contribution of the URSR is better sound."


Emile Stoffels - Scheu - Origin Live - Denon DL 103 - Michel Clamp and Universal Record Stabilizing Ring

"Although there is much more to tell, I'll limit myself to what I regard as the most important attribute of this lovely piece of craftsmanship. It is tonal balance and timbre."


Donald Meijering - Musical Life Symphony Turntable - Robert Fuchs Tonearm - Van Den Hul Grasshopper III SLA - Goldmund Clamp and Universal RSR.

"Compare it to the adjustment of a lense: the difference between a cheap lense and a Leica - everything, from high to low, from corner to corner, gets sharper."


The Cartridge Man's Conductor Air Bearing Tone Arm with Music Maker III cartridge mounted on Acoustic Solid Small Machine with The Universal RSR.

"In conclusion, a damn good product."


Roger Gordon - Garrard 401 - Condor Cartridge in Schroeder Arm - Van Slyke Engineering Record Weight and The Universal Record Stabilizing Ring.
(Picture Copyright Positive Feedback Online).

"I never play an LP without the URSR in place. An essential accessory for every turntable."

Read Roger Gordon's Garrard 401 project page at:


From Italy is Fabio Sabbatini and his high end set-up: Transrotor Fat Bob S with dedicated power supply and Acapella Fondato Silenzio base, Origin Live Encounter MKIII, with Clearaudio Aurum Beta II phono cartridge.

"Music is simply more believable and the joy of the listening experience is significantly enhanced."


Jack Johnson's Technics SL-1200 with RSR and Universal Record Weight.

"If I had to choose one word to sum up what the RSR and record weight do, it would be precision. Everything is more precise, everything is in its right place. (...) I am just absolutely delighted with the purchase. It was a lot of fun reading through the texts you included, and I continue to be dumbfounded at the drastic difference the ring and weight have made."


Ole Jørgensen from Norway: Nottingham Spacedeck with Space arm, Michell Record Clamp and Universal RSR.

"It is very logical that a flat LP connected well to the platter is important to the sound. So is the matter in this case. I realy HATE to describe sound. I simply cannot find the words, but I can say that it is a major improvement in overall sound. Somehow clearer. Other reviewers have described it much better.
I must add that the whole shipment is in a class of its own. Very thorough and well done. The manual is also excellent. The rest of the industry have something to learn from you! I am very pleased."


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The Universal RSR received the Writers' Choice Award, 2005 from
Positive Feeback Online, issue 22.

Read the
Review in Positive Feedback On Line, Issue 20.

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Review in HiFi World.

The design and names 'Universal Record Stabilizing Ring',
'URSR' and 'The Universal RSR' are
Copyright 2003-2013 by Rudolf A. Bruil.

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