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Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog
with listings of Classical Music, Opera, Popular, Selections, Jazz, etc.
$ 15 each

These catalogs are in good shape generally, but some may have one or two unobtrusive marks. Nevertheless they represent nice references for collectors. The cost per catalog is $ 15,00 (unless stated differently).

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SCHWANN - February 1959 - 256 p. slightly damaged spine - SOLD

SCHWANN - January 1965 - 272 p. split on the lower spine

SCHWANN - November 1965 - 280 p. vg

SCHWANN - October 1970 - 272 p. vg

SCHWANN - September 1970 - 272 p. vg writing on side

SCHWANN - September 1970 - 272 p. front cover repaired

SCHWANN - January 1971 - 240 p. vg

SCHWANN - March 1971 - 272 p. cut on top of spine

SCHWANN - June 1971 - 280 p. extensive wear on front and back covers

SCHWANN - September 1971 - 265 p. vg

SCHWANN - June 1972 - 289 p. vg

SCHWANN - March 1973 - 256 p. vg SOLD

SCHWANN - July 1973 - 256 p. dog eared lower corner of the back cover

SCHWANN - August 1973 - 256 p. dent on spine SOLD

SCHWANN - January 1974 - 256 p. vg

SCHWANN - March 1974 - 256 p. small damage on top of spine SOLD

SCHWANN - June 1974 - 256 p. damaged spine SOLD

SCHWANN - April 1975 - 256 p. - knick in the spine - VG SOLD

SCHWANN - March 1976 - 264 p. folded spine SOLD

SCHWANN - April 1976 - 256 p. dents in spine SOLD

SCHWANN - November 1976 - 264 p. wrinkle at spine SOLD

SCHWANN - May 1977 - 264 p. cut on top of spine SOLD

SCHWANN - June 1977 - 256 p. split at the spine SOLD

SCHWANN - September 1977 - 264 p. cut corner part of cover SOLD

SCHWANN - The World's Most Consulted Record and Tape Guide - August 1984. 200 p. VG.

SCHWANN 1 - Records - Tapes, March 1976. 264 p. VG.

SCHWANN 1 - Records - Tapes. April 1975. 256 p. VG..


Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog
with listings of Classical Music, Opera, Popular, Selections, Jazz, etc.
Various Prices

Schwann Opus New York Publications Record Catalogs

$ 20 SCHWANN August 1984 - 200 p. folds spine stains on back SOLD

$ 25 SCHWANNWinter 1987 - 498 p. 80,000 listings of practically all released CDs from the beginning of the introduction of Digital Audio Compact Disc in 1983 (spine professionally repaired).


Various Catalogs

$ 20 - BIELEFELDER Katalog Klassik 1988
Vereinigte Motor Verlage, Munich, Germany 1117 p. VG.

$ 15 - THE PENGUIN GUIDE to Compact Discs 1990
Greenfield, Layton, March 1990. 1359 p. VG.

$ 15 - THE GOOD 1993 CD GUID
Gramophone Publication/Quad 1992. 927 p. VG/S.

$ 15 - VICTOR RECORDS for Home, School and College
Graded List and Educational Catalogue, Victor Talking Machine Co. 1924, 210 p. VG.

$ 15 - VERZEICHNIS der Deutschen 'His Master's Voice'
His Master's Voice German Catalogue, Overseas Edition 1949, Printed in GB, 108 p. Classical + Popular. G.

$ 25 - MICROSOLCO - Catalogo dischi 1955: La Voce del Padrone, Columbia, Pathé, MGM.
Italian catalogue published by Marconiphone S.p.A. Sections of composers, classical music, titels, and a section of popular and jazz of HMV, Columbia, Pathé and MGM records available in Italy which are most of the time similar to British releases. 540 p. Italian. P (repaired spine). $ 25

$ 40 - THE GRAMOPHONE SHOP Encyclopedia of Recorded Music.
Crown Publishers, New York 1948, 639 p. G. HC.

$ 20 - SUPRAPHON Long Playing Records Catalogue 1956
Artia, Prague, 75 p. with portraits/images of artists in printing quality of those days. Czech. VG. SOLD



Shipment depends on the number of magazines of catalogs or books bought.
For 4 or 5 magazines (depending on the weight of each issue) or up to 2 kg. is US$ 20.00

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High Fidelity Magazine April 1954 - 96 Pages - $ 15

Richard Strauss on Microgroove - Bayreuth Midsummer Magic 1953 - Custom Installations - Records in Review - Building Your Record Library (Harold C. Schonberg) - Corrections of Playback Curves of various LP manufacturers

Short Equipment Tests: Scott Amplifier, Cabinart Rebel Enclosure (McIntosh), Duotone Philips Speaker

Advertisements : Jensen, Pickering, Thorens Stentorian, Goodmans, Fisher, Ferranti, McIntosh, Ampex, Electro-Voice,


High Fidelity Magazine August 1954 - 96 Pages - $ 15

The Tchaikovsky Recording on Microgroove - Reflections on Having Two Ears - Custom Installations - Records in Review

Short Equipment Tests: Ampex, Two Shure Microphones, Stentorian Speakers

Advertisements : Jensen, Pickering, McIntosh, National, Thorens, Fisher, Fairchild, Electro-Voice, McIntosh, Ampex


High Fidelity Magazine September 1954 - 136 Pages - $ 18

In Defense of the Faithful - Scala's New Queen (Maria Callas) - Customs Installations - Jazz in Mid-Passage - Records in Review - Dialing Your Discs (playback cureve corrections) - The Chamber Music of Johannes Brahms on Records Part I

Short Equipment Tests: General Electric Hi-Fi Components - Acoustical Quad II Amplifier - James B. Lansing Model 34 - Telefunken Orchestra Receiver

Advertisements : Jensen, R-J, Rek-O-Kut Gray Research, Miracord, McIntosh, Tannoy, Scott, Fairchild, National, Fisher, Capitol (with large drawing of Milstein), Presto


High Fidelity Magazine August 1955 - 96 Pages - $ 15

The Science of Music in Ancient China - Creeping Distortion - Records in Review - Wagner on Microgroove Part II

Short Equipment Tests: Webster Amp, Wilcox-Gay Recorder, Fairchild Cartridge

Advertisements : Pickering, Scott, McIntosh, Klipschorn Rebel, Telefunken Radios, Presto Turntable, Garrard Record Changer, Berlant Concertone Tape Recorder


High Fidelity Magazine December 1955 - 152 Pages - $ 18

Choosing Your Prtecision Tansducer (Signature Units) - Zoltan Kodaly Meets High Fidelity - Records in Review - A Dvorak Discography

Short Equipment Tests: Scott Turntable, Panasonic Full Range Speaker Unit, etc.

Advertisements : McIntosh, Altec, Fisher, Bozak, Scott, Heathkit, Electro-Voice, Gray


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Elvis' Gold Records - Volume 2

by Paul Dowling
Published by Harry N. Abrams INC.,1996

The Covers of Elvis Presley's Records, from the single SUN , the 1950, 1960s 1970s, to the end of his career. The last cover is from 1984, 7 years after his death.

$ 14. Shipment $ 25.





The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

This book contains the complete discography of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra right from the start when Willem Mengelberg made the first recording for Columbia in 1926 up to and including the recordings made in the Fall of 1989 of conductors Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Ivan Fischer, Semyon Bychkov, Ricardo Chailly.

Besides strict commercial recordings for Telefunken, Decca, Polydor, Deutsche Grammophon, and Philips of course, the discography also includes radio performances that eventually were issued later on LP and/or Compact Disc.

The book is in Dutch. It has an introduction, the discography by date, month and year, a list of reference numbers of gramophone records and CD issues, and a lists with the conductors that stood before the orchestra in those days. To make the discography accessable I include a synopsis written in English explaining how use the book and it will guide you to make browsing, consulting and researching easy.

The price of the book is US$ 38. Registered shipment of the book is US$ 35 for countries outside the European Union and US$ 20 for EU countries.

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$ 10 - BRIEVEN van beroemde komponisten
Marius Monnikendam, Prisma, Utrecht 198 p. Dutch G.

$ 8 - BRIEVEN van beroemde komponisten
Marius Monnikendam, Prisma, Utrecht 198 p. Dutch G.

Jan de Kruijff. Het Spectrum, Utrecht, 1960. Dutch. VG.

$ 10 - OPERNFUEHRER Von Monteverdi bis Hindemith
Stege & Howe, Fischer, 1956, 264 p. German. G.

Wouter Paap. Wagenaar, Utrecht 1946. 270p. Dutch HC/G.

Herman Melville. Wereldbibliotheek 195?. 94 p. Dutch A/W.

Manfred Gräter/Otto Hamburg. Prisma, Utrecht 1962. 224 p. Dutch P/W.

$ 5 - LADY SINGS THE BLUES: Het leven van Billy Holiday
Billy Holiday + William Dufty/Martin Schouten/ Rainbow Pocketbooks 1987. 291 p. Dutch VG.

$ 7 - KATHLEEN FERRIER Herinneringen
Neville Cardus/ Scheltens & Oiltay Amsterdam 1954. 125 p. Dutch. HC/VG.

Ruud Kuyper + Flothuis, Hawinkels, van Voss, Schouten, Smids, Vuysje. Arbeiderspers 1967. 169 p. Dutch G.

$ 10 - SCORE of Bach's Johannes Passion
Edition Peters, Leipzig, 190 p. VG. German.

$ 10 - GRE BROUWENSYIJN Met en Zonder Make-Up
J.P.M. van Elswijk, Teleboek, Bussum, 224 p. Dutch VG.

William Lovelock, Hammond Book, 1989, 244 p. GS.

$ 10 - HEIFETZ, Leerling van God
Wenneke Savenije, A-Z Promotions, 198?, 128 p. Dutch VG



Glenn Gould's Essay as published in 1966 in High Fidelity Magazine. Nice and neatly brochured copy of the article. 20 p. N. For those who want to read further in connection with my article
25 Years Compact Disc


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