Maxima and Willem Alexander

The marriage may have been arranged to save the Dutch dynasty as some journalists do want us to believe.

The marriage may have been arranged in order to help Willem Alexander in making up his mind.

The marriage may have been arranged in such a way that Maxima could accept the terms of condition.

The marriage may have been arranged...

These are all alligations. If there was no emotional, intellectual and sexual interaction between these two, the marriage could never have been arranged, not even by the best of matchmakers.
This became all too evident on Saterday, February 2, 2002 when the entire Dutch nation witnessed the love of these two young people.

So, let's take a look at the natal horoscopes of Prince Willem Alexander and Maxima Zorreguieta, future queen of the Netherlands and let's see how they interact.

This gigantic portrait of the two could be seen right across "De Beurs van Berlage" were the two were married by Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen on February 2, 2002.

Willem Alexander

He is purposeful and has a positive attitude to life. He also has a good intellect, although he may at times be too hasty and a little inaccurate because he also can act at times on impulse. He is spontaneous and can find a great deal of pleasure in life. Despite his haste at times he has good insight when things get complicated and situations are complex. And despite his critical attitude, at certain instances he will act quickly and sometimes lightly. He has passion, his interst is quickly arroused and he can react quickly and spontaneously.

He is a romanticist who masters the situation. He is original and needs his independence. Independence is very important for him. That is also why he sees the needs of others and wants to improve the conditions of other people. He is easily moved. His relation with dear ones and friends is based on a deep, warm social feeling, based on what his heart tells him. His positive social attitude makes him an attractive and loved person. But since he is living in high cirkels, in seclusion as it were, he is not able to always estimate the real need of the ordinary man.

A very important aspect is that he should participate in some sort of sport, be it individually or in a group. This will strengthen his body and mind. This will add to his personal well being and that of others. He needs to live in a harmonious surrounding otherwise his scope looses its perspective and conflicts will occur. But in either case: he will gradually grow to a higher consciousness which will be demonstrated in his deeds.


She not easily makes up her mind when it comes to her choice of partner. She loves her freedom. It is not surprising that it took quite some time before she decided to choose. And she choose for Willem Alexander. She presents herself as a person who is certain about herself and her actions. When observing her one can easily detect that there is also some uncertainty at times. Her positive presentation shows however that she is selfcounscious and that she is an energitic person who will act with zest if necessary. She has a positive attitude towards life and shows a great responsibility and thus she will expect great results.

She is intelligent and has a gift for languages. The ability of learning foreign languages shows that she also is able to adept to varying circomstances, changing surroundings and foreign customs. That does not mean that she would just follow the directions given by others. No, she will deep in her heart be a rebel who wants to decide her own fate. Her choice for Willem Alexander is in accord with this. Because it is not a common thing to marry royalty, her choice can be considered as a rebellious act. Compromise is only possible if she herself is willing to accept and adapt, she will not do it if adapting is forced on her by others. Certainly, marrying Willem Alexander is not an easy choice in all respects. But once committed she will accept the challenge and go for it. That is her character, even if we all may detect a slight sign of fear and uneasiness in her eyes. But she will master difficult situations and try to avoid conflict.

The challenge is the experiment which is attractive. That is also why she likes art, especially the expressions of certain modern artists. Although she likes the experiment and the technical aspect of it one could expect that she likes to handle money and likes to invest. The fact that she has the ability to save and to wait for the right moment, she will be careful dealing with money.

Although her popularity rose fast, her real success will not be instant and immediate, but will show after a longer period. She will however be aware of the fact that what is achieved can be as volatile as a beautiful and expensive perfume. Thus she will keep both feet on the ground and be fully conscious of her choices.

Willem Alexander & Maxima

Certainly, right from the first meeting there must have been a strong attraction between the two. Very strong. The relation will benefit from the exitement brought about by a feeling of friendship and this was developing in the eminent love they have for each other.

On Sunday Amsterdam's main newspaper 'Het Parool' immediately came out with a special edition which documented the wedding on the day before.

It is Willem Alexander who supplies the home. Maxima is the stimulating force to improve this home, as far as their home in the Netherlands is concerned. Though interesting is the astrological aspect that tells us that Willem Alexander on his turn could easily go to South America and adapt to Maxima's surrounding and inspire the home that she can offer him. Their love is not bound to one specific place. This is an important aspect in case Willem Alexander would loose the throne.

They are able to communicate well about their personal feelings and about the simple things of the organization of daily life. Maxima is as strong an amourous force in this relationship as Willem Alexander is. Both inspire each other and energize the relationship.

In general this astrological aspect has the danger that afer the initial meeting the intensity can decrease and finally be completely absent. Other factors counteract this and reinforce the energy between the two, so it will be present all the time. Of importance is that the love has the component of deep friendship mentioned earlier. They should keep this openess towards each other intact and avoid hypocrisy in situations which are brought about by others more than by themselves.

They also are fully able to run the businesslike and representative aspects of their family life which are brought about by their positions. They will work together and are very cooperative in case of humanitarian tasks. They do stimulate each others sense of responsibility. The positive aspects of this relationship are very strong. If their views on a specific issue differ, they will be able to discuss these in order to find common ground instead of disturbing a delicate communicative balance.

(Arthur Star, January-February, 2002)


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