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Is America Going Down The Drain

And Taking The Status Quo Down With It?


Last summer Joe Biden spent much of his time in his basement preparing himself for the heavy task of President of the United States, writing in advance the important executive orders he would be going to sign once he would be elected, making lists of important people he would assign to important functions, and writing down his policies like reinstating the office of the Palestinian Authority in Washington and planning to give the Palestinians at least $ 200 million in aid, the rise of the minimum wage to $15 per hour, improving the infrastructure of the country, working on the reinstating of the Iran Deal, joining the Paris Climate Agreement which was an unfair deal for the US, opening the southern border and letting in aliens by the thousands, etc.


He sat in his basement while President Donald Trump was inspiring Americans who joined him by the tens of thousands during the many rallies. If Joe Biden spoke to Democrats, they did not appear by the thousand but by the tens. It looked as if Joe Biden was certain that he was going to be the 46th POTUS. How could he be so sure?

First of all he got the assurance of Big Tech (Facebook, Google, Twitter) which was scrutinizing sites, videos and messages and stopping the publication of the truth regarding Joe Biden himself interfering in the anti-corruption policy of Ukraine, regarding his son Hunter and the Ukrainian and Chinese deals. Thus favoring the Democratic party and keeping information from reaching average Americans. The truth which is considered as damaging content, damaging to the Democrats that is and the coming President and Vice President Kamala Harris.
In certain states and counties the Democrats had changed the rules concerning voting. And it were the Democrats who welcome
d Vote-by-Mail and the extension of the voting period in many counties.

Here's how states have changed the rules around voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Winston Churchill is said to have said:
If you are not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at fourty, you have no brain.


And by favoring the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, Joe Biden paved the way for a new insurgence, a new intifada. Under Donald Trump the Palestinian Authority would not have dared to send rockets to Tel Aviv and other places because of the Arab states that were joining a pact with Israel. We thought that after Jeremy Corbyn had left the stage of the English Labour Party, times had changed. But they have not!

Yes, many Arab states condemned Israel for political reasons. Do not forget that this is the time of Ramadan and in the last 10 days of it each and every killing of a Jew or another unbeliever will count as two for being awarded paradise.

Watch Daniel Pomerantz, CEO of Honest Reporting, in this interview.

Rudolf A.Bruil. 11 May, 2021.


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