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Article published on the internet on 29 September 2016.


The First Presidential Debate
Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump

The First Presidential Debate - September 26, 2016

And the winner is...

Many viewers found the debate slightly tame. There was no enthousiasm, no fire ignited between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. The entire presentation was uninspired. And if Donald Trump tried to bring more spirit into the talks, it was clear that he could not. Why? Was it because Hillary Clinton was too composed and would not react in a decisive way and was instructed by her advisers not to let Trump take over? Was it because she just told what her views were and in a way that was rather limited as far as enthousiasm is concerned?

Trump could hardly ignite any fire when the calm democratic candidate responded. Did she have enough fighter's energy? Several people remarked that it seemed as if she was slightly drugged (and maybe she was - who knows). The result was a tame debate.

Yet, where were the controvercies, where were the questions about The Wall, about Benghazi, about ISIL, about supporting the rebels in Syria, about the vast numbers of refugees? And if the Afro-American question was raised the plans of both candidates were not convincing, in fact they are deficient.

Because of Hillary Clinton's style during this first debate her opponent could not get through her protective shield. That is why the debate could not reach a higher level, could not gain in intensity.
Many had expected the debate to set the trend of devising the Clinton supporters and Donald Trump's followers, separate the pro Obama fans from those who have severe criticism on the Obama years. Viewers will wish and expect more involvement on October 9, 2016. We will see.

RAB - Rudolf A. Bruil, 27 September, 2016.

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