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Donald Trump Elected 45th President of the United States of America

November 9, 2016

It was a very special election night. Many Europeans watched CNN around 3 o'clock and heard to their surprise that they were talking about Trump winning. And he finally won!

Most politicians in Europe are so shocked and talking about populism, that NATO will be dismantled and Trump changes the hard line against Putin and his Russia.
Politicians and also journalists the world over have not heard what Trump has been saying all the time and they just repeated what they heard from each other instead of investigating and studying what the man proposes.

He said that he wants the NATO countries to pay their share as is agreed in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization many years ago.
Otherwise he will not guarantee that NATO will defend a NATO-nation if it is attacked.

He wants to amend, if possible, the deal with Iran, the country that wants to destroy Israel.
El-Sisi from Egypt was one of the first to congratulate Trump. El Sisi did not want to reinstate Morsi and his Brotherhood on the request of Obama. So he expects better relations with Donald Trump and better times despite the difficulty in ruling over Egypt. Many expect that Bashir al Assad's position will be re-evaluated. Assad faces more or less the same problems in Syria as El Sisi in Egypt does though Syria is much higher on the scale of semi-secular states.

In the US Donald Trump will create jobs, especially for the young in the inner cities. Many Afro-Americans live in terrible circumstances. And these boys should participate in society instead of earning their living by dealing in drugs.

I am convinced that many Mexicans living in the US voted for Trump because they do not want their situation to be deteriorated by illegal Mexicans.

Despite his politeness towards Hillary, many expect that an investigation in the doings of Hillary, the FBI and the supreme judge will still be undertaken next year. Not in a loud manner, but nevertheless.
Trump being elected is a wake up call for Europe.

I have selected a few YouTube videos that are worth viewing and several to remember the campaigning and the election.

1. Judge Jeanine Pirro's emotional Opening Statement

2. The deplorables, the ill informed voters for Hillary, in their basket

3. "Donald Trump will never be president"

4. Hillary Clinton moments

5. Trump's entire campaign in 10 minutes.

Populism is a political style of action that mobilizes a large alienated element of a population against a government which is seen as controlled by an out-of-touch closed elite that acts on behalf of its own interests. (From Wikipedia)




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