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Now that Mohamed Morsi is dead (1951-2019)

What an Egyptian told us at the beginning of August 2013


An official of the U.S. Department of State of the U.S. met with El Sisi, then the commander-in-chief of the Egyptian army. America demanded that President Morsi's house arrest be lifted and that Morsi be reinstated as president. How can you demand such a thing? You're not going to risk the positive development towards a modern Egypt by demanding that the Muslim Brothers come to power, are you? The critical Egyptian said.


If Morsi was not instated as President - the US representative apparently did say - the Americans would intervene, because they had already sailed with an aircraft carrier into the Red Sea near Egypt, and American missiles could destroy sensitive facilities, airports and buildings.

El-Sisi seems to have replied that Egypt itself has special missiles which do not explode until after penetrating the ship's deck. The American official is said to have replied that, if Morsi did not come to power, America (the Obama administration) would stop providing financial support to Egypt - and the Egyptian army in particular.


According to the report, El-Sisi replied that they did not need America and that they would receive the necessary support from Russia. By its very nature, this reaction was not appreciated by America, and the aircraft carrier could just observe the situation or perhaps leave.


Then came Guido Westerwelle, who was then Secretary of State of the German Federal Republic. He also insisted that Morse should not have been ousted. He had to remain in power as president because - as Westerwelle said - Morsi had been democratically elected.

Then El-Sisi replied: 'Hitler had been democratically elected also'.

R.A.B. August, 2013


The Obelisk in the Desert clarifies:

Morsi was not democratically elected as Obama and his chronies were pushing the Islamist agenda.
Remember Obama’s first foreign trip outside the US as newly elected US President was to Cairo. In his “infamous speech” of America is not the Enemy of Islam delivered to all the islamists big wigs (and insulting Mubarak who didn’t attend), he sent the clear message that he has adopted and was convinced that “Political Islam is the Solution “.

Morsi’s election was not democratic. Far from it. Terrorists don’t get elected democratically. The christian South in Upper Egypt was prevented to vote at the polls. Muslim Brotherhood agents (terrorists), prevented Christians at the polling stations from voting with machetes and machine guns.

Everybody should remember the flagrant pressure and interventions from Obama, his blonde Ambassador in Cairo when the uprising against Morsi (over 20 millions on the streets), condoning even the worse ways of repression, Morsi ordering Sissi to instruct the Army to shoot live ammunition on the demonstrators.

Everybody should remember, after Morsi's ousting, and Egypt designating rightfully the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization, Obama received a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. Holding a press conference and photo-ops with all smiles and support.

You won’t have CNN or NYT or Washington Post or Huffington Post  etc.. reporting any of that.


Unfortunately,  Obama, Merkel, all the French presidents after De Gaulle, and Blair, Cameron, May and Boris, and many other leaders of European countries, plus the present Pope, etc are not a gang of “Useful Idiots“! They are all products of the exactly same well oiled big machine of caviar lefties and limousine communists, who concocted the take over agenda of the World from the 1960’s onwards.

They are far from idiots. They know exactly the consequences of their ideological agenda. They have been handsomely paid with power for what they are pushing for. I used to believe that they were “willfully blind”.

Well, Now I am convinced that they are wilfully evil and their blindness has 20/20 vision. When you rule by ideology, especially a very opportunistic one, ignoring realities on the terrain, you are entitled to be designated as a criminal. 

The Obelisk in the Desert - 20 June, 2019



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