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Is Europe becoming a sh*thole?


Donald Trump's visit to Saudi-Arabia on May 20 and 21, 2017, and his perfectly clear speech was a milestone that indicated what his policies were going to be, cooperation, aiming at the well being of the citizens. No beating about the bush.

"A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremists, Drive. Them. Out. Drive them out of your places of worship, Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land, and drive them out of this Earth!"

At instances some or even many attendees may have felt some irritation from time to time when hearing Donald Trump. But Trump was acknowledging the importance of their religion at the same time. In short: Drive the terrorist out of your mosques!


After his visit Donald Trump flew to Israel and visited the wall, talked to Prime Minister Netanyahu and told Abbas that he should stop subjecting his own people to the violence of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Another important decision is canceling the Iran deal. It is now known that Secretary Pompeo will negociate a new deal, if possible.

The recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel was the brave next step.


And finally there is Donald Trump meeting Kim Jong-un in Singapore. I have watched the entire press conference from Singapore live on YouTube on May 14, 2018. There were several remarkable instances like in earlier press conferences.

When asked if and how he had prepared for the meetings, Trump answered that he had prepared himself for this meeting (and the earlier events) all his life. When he was asked about nuclear aspects (also in regards to Iran), Trump told the press that as a young man he had many conversations with his uncle - also a Trump - who was a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, about the aspects and problems of de-nuclearisation.


In Europe there is a deliberate misunderstanding and there is unwillingness of many to have a clear view in regards to Donald Trump's actions and plans and to see the entire picture of his policies. Especially in Europe I would say. The leaders of the countries that make the European Union are hostile, indoctrinate their citizens through radio and television broadcasts and newspapers letting the citizens know that Trump is a no good, he is chaotic, does not know what he is doing, makes the wrong decisions, and so on. German media used to be trustworthy. They were objective.

Since 2015 German media have gradually changed from objective to untrustworthy. You cannot trust them any longer when Donald Trump, asylum seekers, and related terror incidents are reported on. In the Netherlands all objectivity has also gone. Journalists brainwash viewers, readers and listeners alike. The result is that their so-called opinios are repeated over and over again by ordinary citizens and many other biased people who like to present themselves as experts. Even politicians repeat false facts because they themselves did not have the time to investigate.


In the USA there are Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, Michael Moore, Robert De Niro, and a host of so called experts. Here in Europe secret directives must have been issued by the EU leaders in Brussels, and by the governments, to the main stream media telling them how to treat any action undertaken by Donald Trump, and how his policies should best be ridiculed. It seems that Angela Merkel, who is the most powerful leader of the European Union, may have stressed significantly the implementation of the rules for demonizing Donald Trump. (As a side note: It is not sure how long Angela Merkel will remain in power after the financial scandal of the refugee camps was discovered, and after the many rapes and murders of innocent girls and young women in Germany cannot be ignored.)


The position of Europe is awkward. Germany and France are against the canceling of the Iran-deal because they want to continue their growing exports to the country of the repressive policies of the Ayatollahs.

A few days ago on a critical site I read a comment that gave insight in the position of the European Union and the relationship with the United States of America. The writer's moniker is Jeroen65. He also must have seen what is really going on. He commented:

The EU hates Trump. Trump, however, also hates the EU and its leaders. Trump is forming an axis between USA, China and Russia, supplemented by Asian tigers such as Japan, India, Vietnam and Korea. And Europe? Europe will be sidelined and will play an increasingly minor role in the world, and will be used as a drain for underprivileged immigrants from Africa and Islamic countries. Europe has been lost to today's weak, incompetent and corrupt leaders.


Article published on the internet on June 15, 2018.




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