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Daniele Gatti fired by the Management of The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


The correctness and good judgement of the management of the Concertgebouw Orchestra has been criticised before.

Now it has been decided by the board that the agreement between star conductor Daniele Gatti and the Concertgebouw Orchestra will be annulled. The management reports that the concerts planned with Gatti are simply going ahead, but now will be led by other conductors.

The reason for the annulment is that several ladies recently reported that they had been assaulted by Gatti. The women (and the occasional man) who now in the wake of the #MeToo movement suddenly come up with occurrences that happened 20 years ago, are laudable. But if you did not file a complaint then because you did not want to harm your career - or in the least imaginable case you did not want to harm the career of the conductor - we should not honour your recent complaint with an indignation on our part, with an "Oh, how bad that you had to suffer!"

Moreover it is very important to know what exactly happened because there are big differences between sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape.

It would have been classy if the management of the Concertgebouw Orchestra had not yielded to the commercial argument in this case and would not have behaved in a politically correct manner, but had presented a clear position of Gatti in a press conference and had announced to keep the conductor at the helm.

But yes, such a handling is of no importance to the management. And those two lady singers who - inspired and supported by the original, early article in The Washington Post - have now reported abuse, and their complaint had nothing to do with the qualities, the artistic personality of this conductor anyway. If you watch Gatti's videos you can see how well this conductor is liked by the members of the orchestra, men and females alike! And you will discover that several performances are quite good!

Check also Norman Lebrecht's Slippedisc.

We will see if proof is given of the allegations in a court of law!

Watch Daniele Gatti on YouTube conducting a masterclass with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (3/3)

Rudolf A. Bruil, 2 August, 2018.



One Commentator wrote:

Yes, I was surprised that Gatti was appointed at the time.
But if the management does that in consultation with the members of the orchestra, plus all kinds of considerations of a financial nature, then you have to stick to that.
If I had been CEO of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, I would have collected the complaints and had them investigated to see if they were well-founded. In the worst case, the allegations would have been brought before the judge. I do not like rumours at all. Come on with your facts.
One woman wrote in the comments section of an article:
I am a woman with an opinion - I apologise for that. If a person hurts you or rapes you, you can do three things:
1. Scream loudly, walk away and file a report - right away
2. Give the man a kick in the groin
3. You do nothing but do not come forward after years and start whining.
I can't help it, but I often find it so horrible: "I didn't say anything because I was afraid of losing my job" or something like that. So you let yourself be touched/raped for money.
Very good reason!
Afterwards whine. How easy.
I would never engage that soprano again. Unless she would indeed produce an excellent sound of voice.


Added on August 4, 2018:

This is Daniele Gatti's response through his attorney in Turin:


10121 Turin Via Bertolotti 2 - Tel. 011/4369069 Fax 436 93 03 00186 Rome Piazza del Porto di Ripetta n.1 - tel. 06/32110968

Subject: Declaration by Maestro Daniele Gatti

With reference to the initiative taken by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam to end the collaboration relationship with Maestro Daniele Gatti, the latter, through me, wishes to inform the press that he is appalled and strongly rejects any kind of accusation.
The Maestro has mandated his attorneys to protect his reputation and to take action if such a defamatory campaign against him continues.

Best regards.
Turin, 02 August 2018
Translated with


The significant phrase in the above statement is "to take action if such a defamatory campaign against him continues".


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