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No longer Identifying with Amsterdam

Tourists from all over the world love to visit the Netherlands and they love the city of Amsterdam, specifically because of the sense of freedom it conveys to so many. Not only foreigners are fond of the city and its atmopsphere. Also the Dutch people see and feel a unique spirit of freedom when coming to Amsterdam.

To some this sense of freedom became first appearant by the end of the 1960's when a new generation manifested itself, a generation that broke with the old fashioned mentality from before World War II which had continued to reign after the Germans had been defeated in 1945. The year 1968 meant a revolution that occurred in other European cities like Paris, Berlin, like London.

It is true, every generation will conquer the world and will more or less fight the establishment. Also generations growing up before the war saw in Amsterdam a symbol of freedom what a big city often represent, not only because of anonimity, but also because of the possibility of making new acquaintences.

Nonetheless older and more recent generations like the millennials cannot easily be compared to the youth of the 1968 movement because the context each grew up in differs significantly.

Yet many find a personal freedom, even if it is for a moment. And that moment often triggers a photo-opportunity. For this I amsterdam is the right setting.

But now the Green Party (GroenLinks in Dutch) which after recent elections started dominating the Council of the City of Amsterdam has decided that the I amsterdam logo should be broken down and removed because Greens consider it too "individualistic"!

It is possible that other institutions want to get rid of the logo. The Rijksmuseum for example, because it obstructs the veiw of the buildng and the scenery. If that is the case, the Council should clearly say so.

These pictures show the i amsterdam logo as it was enjoyed in the Fall of 2018.

18 November, 2018



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