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How to end the Islamisation. By Hélios d'Alexandrie

Original article by Helios d'Alexandrie published on 4 November, 2019 on


If the current trend continues, in just one generation, several Western countries, including France, will not only be predominantly Muslim, but will also be governed in part or in whole by Islamic law.

The destiny of a people lies in its demography, but it lies just as much in its desire to last, to secure its borders and to keep its language, culture and traditions alive. Islamisation is the greatest danger facing the peoples of Europe and is far more threatening than demographic change, as it is still possible to assimilate foreigners after one or two generations, while Islamisation leads to profound and irreversible changes, not only in terms of demography, but more in terms of the identity and culture of the conquered peoples.

In this analysis I propose to identify the key elements that influence the process of Islamization. Will Islam inevitably have the last word or can we envisage a possible awakening of the European peoples? What will it take to ensure the return of European nations?


Islamisation, a scourge like no other

Let us imagine for a moment that the Western world in the nineteenth century decided not to colonize Islamic countries but to surround them with a kind of sanitary cordon, with the aim of keeping them in the state of stagnation and slumber in which they were immersed. The history of Islamic conquests, the hundreds of millions of deaths at the hands of Allah's soldiers and the cultural genocides of the conquered peoples, would have amply justified such a decision. Extreme poverty, the demographic decline of Muslim peoples and their backwardness at all levels made them totally powerless. It would therefore have been sufficient to leave them in the state in which they were to prevent any resurgence of Islamic danger.

The extreme poverty of Muslim countries was not by chance, the four centuries of Ottoman domination had a lot to do with it, but the Ottoman Turks were Muslims and, despite their status as great powers and their repeated attempts to dominate Europe, were not much better off culturally, scientifically, economically, and industrially than the countries they dominated in the Middle East and North Africa. To claim, as Muslims do, that Islam as a religion, political ideology and system of social organization has played no role in the civilisation stagnation of the Islamic ummah, the community, says much about their willingness to disregard the evidence.

The European colonization of Islamic countries brought them out of the slump for a time. Not the least of the benefits of Western imperialism are the dramatic advances in education, health and economic development. But unlike Japan, India, South Korea and many other countries, the Muslim world has refused to commit itself resolutely to the path set by the West. This refusal has a cause and is at the root of the many problems we face; it is Islam's hostility towards everything that is not Islamic, which makes it incompatible with Western civilisation in general and modernity in particular. Between the progress traced by the West and Islam as a source of conflict and misery, the ummah chose Islam with catastrophic results that everyone can see.


Islamisation, a leap forward

There is an abyss between the West and Islam; believing in the possibility of building a bridge between the two is a matter of delirium or magic thought. In the face of Western civilization, Islam cannot fail to acknowledge its own decline and the impossibility of remedying it; but such an approach requires from Muslims an extraordinary lucidity and a radical renunciation of all that they have believed and particularly of this word of Allah: "You are the best community, which has emerged for men. You order the right thing, forbid the wrong thing and believe in Allah. If the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) believed, it would be better for them, there are some who have faith, but most of them are perverts. "(Sura 3:110)

Many Muslims have asked themselves and still ask themselves this question: "How is it that Allah allowed the people of the book (Jews and Christians) denounced by Him as perverse to obtain so much success and benefit from Him, while the Muslim community, considered to be the "best", struggles in ignorance and poverty? "Did Allah wish to test his followers, or perhaps even punish them for moving away from him?

This question has remained unanswered for a long time, by the way of asking itself, Muslims have finally convinced themselves that Islam has nothing to do with its own failure, quite the contrary, it is the lack of Islam that explains the backwardness of Muslim countries! "Islam is the solution" is the slogan that the Muslim brothers repeat over and over again and that is displayed in large characters on the walls. The solution by Islam is the Islamization of Islamic society; this is how the "one-legged" ummah got her remaining leg cut off, in the hope of catching up.

The European colonization of Islamic countries brought them out of the slump for a time. Not the least of the benefits of Western imperialism are the dramatic advances in education, health and economic development. But unlike Japan, India, South Korea and many other countries, the Muslim world has refused to commit itself resolutely to the path set by the West. This refusal has a cause and is at the root of the many problems we face; it is Islam's hostility towards everything that is not Islamic, which makes it incompatible with Western civilisation in general and modernity in particular. Between the progress traced by the West and Islam as a source of conflict and misery, the ummah chose Islam with catastrophic results that everyone can see.


Islamic hatred as an instrument of conquest

The multiple modes of expression of Islamic supremacy are all smoke screens behind which Islam strives to hide its failure. Islamic hatred, the main component of supremacy, serves as a screen for the bankruptcy of Islam, but it is also the energy that fuels its plans for conquest; without this hatred it is completely powerless. That is why it is important that hatred be constantly fuelled to keep it alive forever, without it Islam will dissolve in the West and eventually disappear.

But Islam's minority status in the West forces it to balance and modulate the expression of its hatred. Fearing a backlash, it is actively hiding its existence behind the dictates of religious worship and devotion. The most well-known example of this concealment is the wearing of the veil by Muslim women. There is no clear commandment in the Koran that the wearing of the veil is compulsory for women, which is why Muslim women of all denominations were not embarrassed to walk bareheaded for more than half a century with the consent of Islamic lawyers. The veil as a sign of religious affiliation is therefore a recent phenomenon, and the obligation for women to wear it is an unjustified innovation. Far from being a manifestation of humility or modesty, the veil is a sign of rejection, it establishes an insurmountable social and cultural barrier between Muslims and non-Muslims and it embodies the separatism of Muslim communities.


Islam does not allow it to be softened by the West's openness towards it. Good will, benevolence, acceptance, signs of respect, calls for dialogue, are traps that must be avoided, not because islam questions the sincerity of the West, but simply because islam rejects the principle of reciprocity. To respond to openness by being open is to abandon the energy that hatred gives it, it is to accept to be reduced to impotence. However, the West's openness to it offers it a unique opportunity to demand and obtain, without compensation, a guarantee of openness, namely accommodation and privileges. By granting them, Westerners hope to facilitate the integration of Muslims, in fact they only fuel their rejection.

The instrumentalization of hypocrisy and bad faith allows Islam to sail in the Western Sea without the risk of a storm. The operative but hidden hatred allows it to wage an asymmetrical war against the West, which can only end in final victory; it certainly takes time but time is on its side. It is therefore enough to stay on course and wait for the demographic transformation to take effect; in three or four decades this will be done.

After having devastated without hope of a cure the countries where it is in the majority, Islam promises to repeat the same feat in the West. Its perverse conception of success justifies in its own eyes the destruction of civilization. Like a lethal parasite attacking a host, it does not simply exploit it or live off it, it strives to destroy it and at the same time destroys itself. Islam is not only a danger to Westerners, it is an unnamed calamity to Muslims themselves.


A weakened immune system

Western countries are affected, to varying degrees, by a triple evil: statehood, cultural Marxism and globalization. The first replaces the will of the peoples, the second indoctrinates them, makes them feel guilty and intimidated, the third is active in erasing their borders, cultures and traditions. By their alliance with Islam they remind us of the horsemen of the Apocalypse spreading death and desolation over a quarter of the earth. The powerless peoples, stripped of the right to choose their destiny, witness as amazed spectators the relentless conquest of their countries and their continent. To date, their resistance, as far as it has been able to manifest itself, has been weak, disorganized and without a future.

A distinction must be made between discontent and anger on one side and the existence of organized resistance on the other. Dissatisfaction and anger are turning into a vacuum and obviously nothing has been planned to correct the current situation. People no longer have the legal means to turn the tide, their institutions, those that are supposed to look after their interests and protect them, join forces against them; it is therefore useless to appeal to the State or the elites, their treason places them in the enemy's camp. A clear and disillusioned awareness is essential, without it no coherent action can be envisioned and even less undertaken. The example of the yellow vest revolt in France is there to prove to us that the State confronted with citizens does not question itself and does not take the side of the people. The State does not care about getting its legitimacy from the people, democracy has been emptied of its meaning and is no more than a fallacy, the democratic process suffers from a deep vice, it is no longer used to express the will of the voters but to subvert it.

But the populace itself is not exempt from responsibility for what happens to it; through individualism, recklessness and denial of reality it has allowed this to happen. It has even tried to believe the reassuring lies being told by the media, experts and politicians. The populace has put aside its critical mind and allowed the love of the country to cool down in its midst. The avoidance of risks has led it to elect and re-elect those who take morbid pleasure in disguising reality and lying about their true intentions. Its dependence on the state and the political correctness it has absorbed have rendered it impotent. The average citizen has let himself be emasculated, he has even collaborated in his own emasculation.


The people willingly rise up for money issues: higher fuel prices, lower pensions, higher retirement ages, etc. This is understandable and fully justified, but they remain silent in the face of the Islamic invasion, the resulting insecurity, the alteration of their way of life and the darkening of their future. Two thirds of French people consider Islam to be incompatible with their way of life and values, which is what repeated polls keep showing, but at no time has this collective opinion been openly expressed in mass demonstrations or given rise to a well articulated and widely followed political movement. The softness of peoples in the face of Islam is largely due to fear, because Islam instills fear and the State that protects it does not hesitate to crack down against any attempt of resistance.

The Zemmour phenomenon is not limited solely to men, writers and polemics, it concerns the silent majority of the French people, of whom he is in a way the spokesman. However, the courage and even the recklessness with which he has shown himself has difficulty shaking off the apathy of the millions who listen to him, who read him and who acknowledge the validity of his positions. The chorus of harpies who are screaming at him makes much more noise than those who defend his right to free expression, while the silent majority of the French remain cowardly in its silence.

Visiting Poland a few months after his entry into the White House, Donald Trump addressed this message to the peoples of Europe:
"The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?"
These questions are mainly addressed to the peoples of Europe, indeed to each citizen in person, because there is no salvation possible without everyone's commitment. But for Trump, the simple fact of asking these questions indicates a real concern: is it still possible to have an energy surge?


Awareness as a first step towards emancipation

There is no turning back without real suffering. As long as people's daily lives seem bearable to them, they will be content to whisper and refuse to act. As long as cowardice is disguised as caution, Islamisation will continue unabated. Reluctance to take risks does not reduce the danger, it only increases it; in less than a decade there will be a choice between submission and armed struggle. Already the State that sees the danger is hesitant to act, both out of lack of conviction and fear of losing control. Thus, the moral corruption and cowardice of the leaders convinced them, not to face evil, but to crack down on those who complain about it.

A collective examination of conscience is necessary because misfortunes never happen by chance. There is no point in blaming Muslims for their spirit of conquest and domination, because the tiger is not blamed for its fangs and claws. Likewise, there is no point in blaming the leaders for their contempt for the people and their betrayal, because their moral corruption was not a secret. People must admit that they have contributed through their silence and inaction to the misfortunes that strike them. Admitting one's own cowardice is in itself a courageous act that puts an end to denial and evasion, but it is also a liberating act that has the effect, not of putting an end totally to fear, but to the paralysis it causes.

Without awareness, as broad as possible, no large-scale mobilization will be possible. Revolution, because it will be one, must take root in people's minds and hearts. The time will come when people will have to face the choice: to submit to Islam as if it were inevitable or to resist courageously by all available means. What future will they choose for themselves and their children? Freedom and control of their destiny, or the fate of Christians in the Middle East? There is no intermediate solution or compromise possible, the history of Islamic conquests leaves no doubt, European unbelievers will inevitably find themselves faced with the choices that Muslim conquerors will impose on them: fight, submit or die.



Moral rearmament and popular movement

The four horsemen of Revelation, Statism, Cultural Marxism, Globalism and Islam, form a close alliance and must therefore be confronted at the same time. The war they wage against nations, the integrity of their borders, their culture, their customs and traditions, is mainly of a psychological nature. It aims to crush any desire for resistance and to bring Western peoples to accept defeat without fighting. Islamization is therefore not a phenomenon in itself, even if it has its own dynamics, it is instrumentalized to undermine nations from within. Islam, for its part, uses the State, Marxists and globalists to achieve its ends.

War, because it is a war, must be fought on all fronts, and since it is above all a psychological war, the "home front" must be given priority. The moral rearmament of people is no less important than political action, which cannot be carried out effectively without it. Moral rearmament means a better understanding of the causes that have led to the current situation, as well as the reclaiming of its History, its country, its culture and its pride. In simple terms, it is a question of where we come from and why we are now in trouble. Moral rearmament also means the rejection of the idea of fatality through the discovery of immense reserves of unused energy deep within oneself.

The experience of the yellow vest revolt is full of lessons, both in its failures and successes. It demonstrates that it is possible to mobilize for a common cause and act in concert, despite the hostility of the State and the absence of centralized leadership. However, there is no question of reproducing the same experience in the same way, the objective necessarily requires a different approach. The challenge of Islamisation is existential, but the nature of the problem is essentially political and it is through sustained and concerted political action that it must be addressed. It must be said that the current political parties are at best unsuitable for the task and at worst totally hostile to the objective. It is therefore not through them that political action can be carried out, but it is important to recruit allies from within these formations.


Without a solid and well-equipped base, no major popular movement will emerge and no effective political action can be taken. It is therefore important to establish this base, which will be composed of committed activists who will work in all fields. Particular attention should be paid to the psychological preparation and training of activists, as they will have to convince and mobilize their relatives and acquaintances. It is counterproductive to skip the steps, the popular movement will need a sufficiently long incubation period where the preparation of minds and their mobilization will occupy most of the time. Activists and sympathizers will have the task of expanding the movement's scope of action locally. Like the yellow vests, it should be multi-centred and interconnected.

It is important to aim, at least initially, for quality rather than quantity because the strength of the building depends on it. Since the ultimate goal of people's movements is the survival of European nations and Western civilization, political action must be preceded and prepared by intense pedagogical activity, which will aim to repair the damage caused by media misinformation and the no less pernicious misinformation of the school. To this end, re-information can be provided through small group meetings and free conferences where it will be possible to objectively inform the public and at the same time solicit their participation.

There is a need to build on what has been done in other countries such as Poland, Hungary, Italy and the United States. Without popular mobilization, these countries would be as badly affected as France, Belgium, Germany and England at the moment. The project to re-appropriate one's country and take control of one's destiny is enthusiastically welcomed everywhere, the love of the country transcends differences. There is no question of stirring up anger or feeding aggressiveness, rather positively channeling discontent and the desire for change. Optimism is a powerful weapon against depression because it reflects self-confidence and the conviction that you are working for a good cause.


A collective movement that can generate enthusiasm is naturally contagious. The media and the harpies of cultural Marxism may attack it and drag it through the mud, but they will only succeed in discrediting themselves in the eyes of the public. In the United States, the popular movement embodied by Trump is gaining strength despite vicious and concerted media attacks; just as the stick is back, newspapers are selling fewer and fewer copies and television channels are seeing their audience ratings fall unstoppable.

The strength of a movement is measured by its ability to extend beyond its limits. A rising river floods the valley and transforms the landscape, so the ideas and demands of a popular movement spread in areas that had hitherto been resistant. As soon as political figures perceive a change in the direction of the wind, they will hurry to change their discourse in order to politically reclaim the movement. Chase away the natural, it comes back at a gallop, members of the elite, formerly committed to the theses of globalism and uncontrolled immigration, will suddenly find their identity and patriotism. Officials obeying orders will change allegiance to the nation. Intellectuals who are sitting on the enclosure will discover each other overnight with strong convictions. But the most important thing is that the silent majority will regain their right to speak.


The question of the leadership of the movement will soon arise. The Americans have Donald Trump, the Brazilians have Jair Bolsonaro, the Italians have Mateo Salvini, the Hungarians have Victor Orban, but what will the French, Belgians and Germans have? To this question it is fair to answer that it is not the leaders who make the popular movements but rather the popular movements that generate the leaders. Let us learn this lesson well: the four horsemen of Revelation impose on the nations mediocre leaders, in fact executors or, to be more precise, executors of lowly deeds, men and women who have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for power. For their part, popular movements, if they succeed in structuring and expanding, will find within them natural and dedicated leaders for the common cause. Leaders whose stature and integrity will contrast sharply with the mediocrity of the environment.

The popular movement and popular leaders are a threatening formula for the nation's enemies. There is a reason why the media in Europe are constantly attacking Trump and denigrating him, because it is important to hide from the people the successes of his movement. Giving the public the chance to believe their daily dose of lies, protects them from the temptation to shake off the psychological yoke that paralyses them. The peoples of Europe must at the earliest opportunity sweep away the systematic misinformation to which they are subjected, this misinformation that leads them to see resignation as an respectable attitude and a superior moral choice.


The return of the nation state

Recent history shows that it is not possible to try to erase nations without risking disaster. But it is for this specific purpose that the sorcerer's apprentices of statehood, cultural Marxism and globalism have injected the West with the virus of Islam. They also made it their duty to weaken his immune system in order to carry out their project. Islam is a monster that they thought they could control but that, once it reaches a critical size, will no longer need them to progress and wreak havoc.


To survive and end Islamisation, the nations of Europe can only rely on themselves, this is a serious time and there is no choice without suffering. The only sensible, honorable and moral way is to lift the European peoples out of their turmoil and get them to mobilize and fight for their survival.


Suicide is not an option


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