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If Merkel falls, the EU will receive
a very heavy blow!

The Meddling of the European Union in the German Elections of 1917!


Horst Seehofer who is secretary of the interior in Germany's new government since December 2017, has been stressing the idea that there should be a numerical limit for the acceptance of migrants. He has been saying this ever since chancellor Angela Merkel opened up the borders in 2015 without consulting other European leaders and without organizing procedures and shelters sufficiently.

Merkel even made a selfie with a young migrant! That selfie went viral and inspired hundreds of thousands of young African males to try their luck by just going to the coast of Lybia in order to try to cross the Mediterranean and reach Europe.

Since Lybia had been bombed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and the NATO military, and since Muammar Gaddafi was killed by Lybian and Egyptian rebels, Europe could no longer count on Lybia to stop or at least filter the stream of travelers to Europe. On top of that many men from Iraq, and Afghanistan and more countries just bought a Syrian passport if necessary and undertook their voyage to the free West.


Seehofer wanted a limit to the number of migrants. Not for the refugees. Because refugees who flee war zones, face discrimination and fear prosecution, are of course welcome under the rules set by the United Nations Refugee Program. So that is a different category. Refugees did not need a personal invitation from the German Chancellor, nor a selfie. The lack of freedom and democracy, the lack of safety forced them to flee.

Merkel took her decisions without consulting leaders of several if not all European states. Many of these did not want to play Merkel's arrogant game. One prominent leader was and still is Viktor Orbán of Hungary. He did not like to be ordered around and be forced to take in high quota of migrants. One irritation was that he had not been consulted by Angela Merkel or the EU. He had also seen the problems encountered in Germany, France and Great Britain, and he knew about the bad circomstances migrants lived in Greece and Italy.

Also the Chech Republic, Slovakia and Poland thanked for the honor of constantly helping to solve a problem caused by a third party, in this case Germany. Naturally political parties in other EU-countries became increasingly critical of the high influx of foreigners who are most of the time economic migrants. Videos shot at the borders and on the islands of Greece and Italy speak for themselves. The people of the various countries were not at all pleased with what was going on.



One argument regularly used by news media and discussion panels broadcast on television and radio and in order to play down the problems with migration and to fool the general public, is that statistics show that the numbers of migrants have significantly decreased. Less and less people are crossing borders and coming into Europe. But the man in the street cannot be fooled. He looks at statistics in a different way and sees the high, total number of migrants that have arrived over a period of years and that they keep arriving.

These migrants are mostly young men who have left their family members in the country of origin and wish to import them later through family reunion arrangements. Most Europeans are welcoming all these foreigners with open arms without actually knowing all the details. Among these migrants there is a very small number that does behave in a less civilized way to put it mildly. However, the welcoming crowd does not sufficiently realize, that in certain cases a little caution is not at all bad. When the subject of crimes committed by these men is discussed, many left wing politicians try to appease the situation by saying that there is a greater risk to be killed in a road accident than being stabbed or murdered by a migrant. But again, many cannot be fooled. That argument may be valid when showing statistics. The issue here is of a completely different nature. They argue that the killings are not the result of bad driving but are the consequence of the policy of the government.



The European Union should be saved from severe criticism from so called populists and those who do not agree with the policies of their government. The EU should not collapse under the pressure of voters who are realists. To make sure that the German Federal elections that were to be held on September 24, 2017, had the desired outcome, was not only the first priority of the German government but also that of the European council. The aim was to ensure that Angela Merkel should be re-elected at all costs.

In March 2017, the German Socialist Party (SPD) had decided to choose Martin Schulz as their new leader. A man without much charisma, Schulz had one asset and that was that he was known as a fanatic pro-European politician and that he had been president of the European Parliament which is still, believe it or not, alternately residing in Brussels and Strasbourg which is a very costly affair, namely nillions of Euros, and all for te sake of "la gloire de la France". This choice by the SPD was not for a newcomer as this might have been too risky, or for a known member. The very intelligent Sigmar Gabriel was dismissed. As so often is the case in socialist parties, the top decides who they will choose and the members are the tame applauding followers. Martin Schulz is in agreement with much that has been decided by Merkel and her CDU.


It was also decided that leading up to the elections Angela Merkel should not be confronted with politicians of other parties in debates, not on radio and especially not on television. If Merkel would have participated in discussions with politicians of a variety of parties, her position most certainly would definitely suffer. The criticism of the opposition and certainly the criticism of the intelligent Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke) and the clever and intelligent Alice Weidel (AfD, Alternative For Germany), should not have a place in a debate with Angela Merkel, as it could wake up and influence voters to a large degree. Sahra Wagenknecht can be found on YouTube fiercely criticizing Angela Merkel's policies. And recently also Alice Weidel speaks in parliament as if the First Amendment of the American Constitution has been adopted by Germany.

So it was decided that there would be only one "confrontation" on television for Merkel and that was with her quasi opponent Martin Schulz. The so-called debate was in fact a "duet" as many journalists and viewers concluded. Nothing spectacular happened. The whole "debate" was aimed at preserving Angela Merkel's position and at the same time saving the reputation of the European Union who had allowed Merkel to make decisions with European impact on her own in her "Kanzleramt" (Chancellery) in Berlin without consulting member states let alone the European Commission.



Since mid 2017 the varying discussion panels led by Maybrit Illner (ZDF), Anne Will (ARD), Sandra Maischberger (ARD) and Frank Plasberg (Hart aber Fair, ARD) respectively, invited pro Merkel politicians and commentators and if someone cracked a serious issue, that person was immediately stopped. Of late the German media have positioned themselves as Main Stream Media following the directives of the board of a particular broadcaster and most certainly of the government in cooperation with EU headquarters.

As Martin Schulz (SPD) had said that his socialist party did not want to take part in a cabinet with Angela Merkel, a coalition of CDU/CSU (Union), FDP (Free Democratic Party and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Alliance 90/the Greens), was tried, a so called Jamaica Coalition because of the various colors reminding us of the flag of Jamaica. The talks led to nothing and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier invited Martin Schulz for a serious talk and convinced (instructed) Schulz that he should give in. That led to the new government in accordance with the results of September 24 but now of a cabinet compiled by CDU, CSU and SPD.


The election results of 24 September, 2017, number of seats:
Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) 200,
Christian Social Union (CSU) 46,
Schulz's Social Democratic Party (SPD) 153,
Alternative for Germany (AfD) 94
Free Democratis Party (FDP) 80
Die Linke (Formerly PDS) 69
Alliance 90 / Green Party 67
Christian Socialist Union Bavaria (CSU) 46
Total number of Seats 709

*any party that has 5 seats or less cannot enter the German parliament, Bundestag.


On March 15, 2018, the new government was sworn in and Horst Seehofer, important critic of Merkel's "wir schaffen das", was apointed secretary of the interior. Horst Seehofer was not silenced and continued to attack and said that stringent measures should be taken. That led to a crisis.

The political talks on television as mentioned earkier were biased. Yes, the crisis was the result of the stubbornness of Horst Seehofer (and rightfully so). His predecessor, Edmund Stoiber, did not get an equally fair chance in Maybrit Illner's discussion program on Thursday, June 28, 2018, just before the last critical negotiations between CDU (Merkel) and CSU (Seehofer) would take place. Maybrit Illner struggled to suppress the more objective statements of Stoiber. He only later got a chance to comment. A big help on the other hand was the slick talk of Ursula von der Leyen who is an avid defender of Angela Merkel and her policies. Many a viewer must have clearly seen through this manipulation and seen through many other performances.



Attacking Merkel and the EU is not considered politically correct. In the months after the Federal Elections of September, 2017, and during the crisis of CDU and CSU at the end of June, there was the coercive input of Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier who well knew that both Merkel and the European Union should never be damaged.

The fall of Merkel has been prevented for the moment. Plans are to build camps in the south of Bavaria where migrants will be vetted and from there will be forced to return to the countries they entered initially when coming to Europe, often through Austria. This procedure is not at all welcomed by Sebastian Kurz, nor the leaders of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Naturally Greece and Italy have problems with that arrangement.

Not too long ago someone send me a message stating that if one screams during a demonstration Zimbabwe for the Zimbabwean, or Egypt for the Egyptians, everyone agrees. But if I yell at a demo in Paris "France for the French", I am automatically called a racist. Europeans have lost their identity, and their roots. Not only that. Europeans have given up much of their independence. Most of their political rights have been transfered to Brussels. And these rights are being misused, are being abused as they are in the wrong hands.

Article finally published on the internet on July 3, 2018.



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