Many people are afraid of eating fat and oils. This is because they are ill informed. They should be afraid of many other foods but not of fat, that is: if you ingest the right kind of fat and if you do not overdo it.
You need fat for the well functioning of the body. You need oils in your diet for the production of hormones. You need oils for the absorbtion of the fatsoluble vitamins. And oils can help you to keep your arteries from clogging. That is if you eat the right kinds.
Margarine is not your first choice of fatsource. The oils and fats in margarine are most of the time of low quality. Furthermore they are heated while processed to become margerine. I remember that when I visited my cousins who lived close to a margarine factory you always could smell the disagreable smell of (over-)heated oils and fats. So margarine should not be your favorite.

You should minimize your intake of oils and fats with high percentages of saturated fatty acids of which olive oil has the highest percentage, and balance towards oils ans fats with the highest percentage of poly-unsaturated fatty acids: safflower oil, sunflower oil and to a certain extend butter. You can see in the table below that the percentages do vary. Though olive oil contains micro nutrients it should be used wisely.

Saturated fatty acids Linoleic acids Poly-unsaturated fatty acids  
Olive oil +++++++++++++ + +  
Safflower oil +++ +++++++++ +++++++++++  
Sunflower oil +++ +++++++++ +++++++++++  
Butter ++++++++++ ++++  
Margarine +++++++++ + +++++  

The best fats are sunflower oil and safflower oil. Butter and olive oil should be consumed with moderation. How do you use these oils and fats? You can add just a small spoonful of safflower or sunflower oil to your yoghurt or cereal in the morning.
Safflower oil is not to everybody's taste. Nevertheless you can use it in saladdressings if you combine it with olive oil for instance.

Instead of using margarine you can use your own mix of butter, sunflower oil and olive oil. Mix in a bottle 4 parts of sunflower oil and 1 part of olive oil. Add to 250 grs. of butter about the same amount of your sunflower-olive-oil mix. If you add more of the oil the final mix will be softer, more liquid. If you add less your mix will be stiffer and does not fall of the knife when buttering a sandwhich.
Do not use a blendingmachine but simply use a handmixer. The speed of a blender is generally too high even if you choose the slowest speed. High speeds do destroys the nature of the cells in extenso. This is true for all foods. Many times you see in cooking programs on tv how the cooks use all sorts of high speed kitchen machines which cut and slash fruits, unions and nuts into a unrecognizable putty.
So carefully use the handmixer by moving it up and down several times. Every time you move it down you switch it on. Lifting it you switch it off. One second on, one second off. Thus you mix with intervals and do not destroy much of the nature of the oils and the butter.
Put the mix in a glass or ceramic container and keep it cool in the refrigirator. You can use it on breads you can cook and fry with it. Once you have tasted the naturelness and freshness you will never return to the margarine you used before.
There is another important thing you should know: ALWAYS USE COLD PRESSED OILS! And buy these in groceries which specialize in ecological and biologically grown foods. And do not forget: You can leave the olive oil out altogether!


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