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Adelle Davis, American nutrionist, 1954.


26 January, 2017

Did you know that Barack Obama's decision to reject the Keystone Pipeline Project XL was not in accordance with NAFTA and that this lead to sueing Barack Obama by TransCanada? Barack Obama sued by TransCanada?


26 January, 2017

TRUMP'S WALL and the ICE - the immigration and Customs Enforcement agency

The fence with Mexico erected by George W. Bush did not work because there was not enough personnel.
It is said that Barack Obama expelled many thousands of illegal immigrants.
Now Donald Trump will take action because there have been made serious mistakes.

Quote from The Washington Examinor (4/28/16):
"the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, ICE, 2015 decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants, including 208 convicted of murder, over 900 convicted of sex crimes and 12,307 of drunk driving, according to new government numbers.
Overall, those released into virtually every state and territory of America had a total of 64,197 convictions among them, for an average of 3.25 convictions each, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies. ICE also said that the group were convicted of 8,234 violent crimes."

Immigration and Customs Reinforcement agency.
43 percent, or 820,000, of the 1.9 million convicted of crimes were unauthorized immigrants.

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December 20, 2016

Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin, 19. Dezember 2016


November 22, 2016

Bill Clinton said it 20 Years Ago and was applauded. Donald Trump says the same thing Now and is called a Racist.

November 9, 2016

Donald Trump Elected 45th President Of The United States Of America

It was a very special election night. Around 3 o'clock I watched a bit of CNN and heard to my surprise that they were talking about Trump winning. And he finally won!

Politicians in Europe are so shocked and talking about populism, that NATO will be dismantled and Trump changes the hard line against Putin and his Russia. Because the European Union have a hard time in annexing Ukraine.
Politicians and also journalists the world over have not heard what Trump has been saying all the time and they just repeated what they heard from each other instead of checking what the man proposes.

He said that he wants the NATO countries to pay their share as is agreed in the NBorth Atlantic Treaty.
Otherwise he will not guarantee that NATO will defend a nation if it is attacked.

He wants to amend, if possible, the deal with Iran, the country that wants to destroy Israel.
El-Sisi from Egypt was one of the first to congratulate Trump. He did not want to reinstate Morsi and his Brotherhood on demand of Obama. So he expects better relations and better times. And Assad's position will be re-evaluated as many expect. Syria can be named a semi-secular state.

In the US Trump will create jobs, especially for the young in the inner cities. Many Afro-Americans live in terrible circumstances. And these boys should participate in society instead of earning their living by dealing drugs.

I am convinced that many Mexicans living in the US voted for Trump because they do not want their situation to be deteriorated by illegal Mexicans.

Despite his politeness towards Hillary, many expect that an investigation in the doings of Hillary, the FBI and the supreme judge will still be undertaken next year. Not in a loud manner, but nevertheless.
Trump being elected is a wake up call for Europe.

Two videos you should watch.

1. Judge Jeanine Pirro's emotional Opening Statement:


2. The deplorables, the ill informed voters for Hillary, in their basket:

Who killed Pim Fortuyn.
The Mess in Syria
The Burkini Debate
DNC: parents of American Muslim soldier killed in Iraq
True or Fake News - Fabricated Reports on Donald Trump?
How to eliminate Saddam Hussein
Blair should be tried

Populism is a political style of action that mobilizes a large alienated element of a population against a government which is seen as controlled by an out-of-touch closed elite that acts on behalf of its own interests. (From Wikipedia)


November 6, 2016

It is suggested already for some time that if Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the US, Barack Obama will go live abroad.
Many will advise him to do this. If Hillary Clinton will be indicted, Barack Obama may be summoned to testify or at least he will be asked by the press to give an opinion about his foreign policies. There would be a possibility that his reputation will be damaged. An indictment would not be possible. Otherwise George W. Busch would have been indicted several years ago already.

October 3, 2016

Trey Smith:


Trey Smith has made a fascinating documentary. You may agree or not what his message is. Or after viewing his document it may enrich your thoughts.

The problem the world is facing is that the peoples who have the Islamic faith are not living in a little town, or a small country. Islam is 1.6 billion people. And if you can't brighten up their minds, if you cannot fight these, you have to annex them and mingle. In that way they might loose the severeness of some of their beliefs. But look the development in another way.

It is however not without a reason that the elections for the 54th US President are being held in November. And it is the 54th President.

Many are convinced that it is important that Donald Trump should become the new President of the United States, despite his many shortcomings of not talking as a politician and just outlining some ideas but not giving the details. He certaimjnly will surround himself with the most able advisors and experts and then will exactly make known what his policies are in detail. Not only in his inauguration speech he will tell, but in the years to come. There is of course the big IF. But his behavior shows exactly what makes him fit for that post, for a new fullfilment of the presidency.

If Donald Trump will be elected, the result will be an awakening consciense all over the world and it will lead to spiritul liberation for many. And that not alone. It will mean a new élan of positiveness and going forward to make the world and society better.

In this respect it is interesting (or even mandatory) to watch the fascinating exposé by Trey Smith:

TRUMP: the COMING LANDSLIDE. ~Ancient Prophecy Documentary of Donald Trump / 2016)

We will see. We will witness the importance of the choice the Americans will make and thus its importance for the rest of the world.
We keep our fingers crossed!


And you may find this an interesting read:

16 Reasons Donald Trump Is Not Wrong on Immigration

NewsMax article by Jim Meyers | Wednesday, 08 Jul 2015 04:41 PM



The First Presidential Debate - Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump - September 27, 2016 - How was it?

At Hofstra University, New York,


September 20, 2016

The Guardian writes:

Donald Trump Jr. compares Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles

Tweet, which echoes racist memes, prompts outrage and slew of rebuttals on social media

"If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That's our Syrian refugee problem."

Here you see what social media are all about. The outrage over this tweet is the illustration of it. People do not read the text of Donald jr. very well. On top of that it shows that most are not informed.

In Europe, Angela Merkel has welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees. But at the same time we have given shelter to several terrorists as well who came disguised as refugees with the purpose to attack. And they have attacked Europeans in variuous countries, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Sweden. That is exactly what Donald Trump jr. is talking about in my view. He says that this is the refugee problem. In other words, it is necessary to check and investigate and carefully screen those who come to Western countries. This does not mean that refugees should not be welcome.

People, especially the young, are often just following the remarks of other youngsters instead of reading exactly what is written and what is the meaning of what is written.


August 28, 2016

Why Ban The Burkini


The problems with Hillary Clinton:

1. Dubious dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Granting political/economic favors for a large donation.
2. It is reported that she sold Stinger missiles to Libyan rebels which ultimately led to the Benghazi tragedy which killed US citizens and the US ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.
3. The approval of transporting sarin (nerve agent) from Libya to the rebels in Syria in order to use it and blame Assad; as has been reported recently.
4. Her financial and suspected manipulative dealings in the Whitewater scandal in Arkansas that resulted in a "suicide".
5. Her ties with Wall Street.
6. Her ill health which ultimately can make Mike Kaine the new president of the USA.
7. The email scandal using a private server, slick excuses and evasive testimonies.
8. Pathological lying: Did her daughter run the marathon in New York City? Her changing opinions on same sex marriage too often. The lies about the arrival on the airport of Bosnia in 1996.

All these and probably more issues are fit for an Investigation Discovery episode in the series "I (almost) got away with it" or another one entitled "Web of lies". The fact that not much has been done to further investigate her alleged wrongdoings and lies in depth (and make these public and could lead to endict her) has an obvious reason. The campaigns for the presidential election are still going on and if Hillary Clinton would be arrested now, Trump probably would win or it would stop the campaigning entirely which would be an illustration of how wrong the political situation of the US is. And the Obama administration does not want that to happen and neither do we. So let's indict her after the November election.

All these and probably more issues are fit for an Investigation Discovery episode in the series "I (almost) got away with it" or another one entitled "Web of lies". The fact that not much has been done to further investigate her alledged wrongdoings and lies in depth (and make these public and could lead to endict her) has an obvious reason. The campaigns for the presidential election are still going on and if Hillary Clinton would be arrested now, Trump probably would win or it would stop the campaining entirely which would be an illustration of how wrong the political situation of the US is. And the Obama administration does not want that to happen and neither do we. So let's endict her after the November election.

24 August 2016.

See this video and the many links

and this one...



August 18, 2016

We put the little boy on a chair so that reporters could photograph and videotape the little one to convince the world that Assad and Putin are the villains. Islam is OK. And above all Obama is doing the right thing in the Middle-East. The Muslim Brotherhood should be in power.
There is much evil going on. The little boy seemed to have been covered with injuries or wound like inflictions. They appeared to be patches of mud. There is no doubt that the occurrences are devastating for such a young kid. No doubt.

But we have to be careful in interpreting images. A few days ago there was also a little boy injured thanks to what Syria did to their citizens.

"We discovered this image was from an American article titled "The 20 best Halloween Kid Costume ideas for 2014," said Islamic activist Syafik Alielha who fights Assad.


Everybody should watch this instructional video.
No matter what background you have.

The Chris Rock Show Presents: Be Polite

August 12, 2016

Donald Trump's negative remarks on the presentation by the parents of the Gold Star muslim GI who lost his life in the Iraq War.



Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich

2 lines that are already enough for a close investigation.
* The mysterious multimillion-dollar Foundation gift from an obscure Indian politician that coincided with Senator Clinton's reversal on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
* How Bill received $2 million for speeches from the largest shareholder in the Keystone Pipeline project, even as Hillary played a role in approving it.

Read the contents on Amazon and scroll down to read the reviews of customer who bought the book. Click on Clinton Cash below

Clinton Cash


July 14, 2016

Nice - The French terrorist with Tunesian background could just go on doing what he wanted to do, killing as many people as possible after watching the fireworks on the Promenade des Anglais.

How is it possible that a white truck can travel 2 km before the driver is stopped by killing him. Where was the security?

When I lived in Paris in the 1960s on practically every streetcorner there was an agent of the CRS (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité) with a carabine gun in his hand to respond in case of. My parents called me to inquire if I was OK after another attack by Algerian rebels (OAS, Organization of the Secret Army - l' Organisation de l'armée secrète) had taken place. Obviously in another part (quartier) of Paris.

The choice of François Hollande for President was considered already by many as a bad one even before he was elected. Also the mayor of Nice and the head of the police force of that city are guilty of the fact that there were more deaths on the promenade des Anglais than were really necessary. Tolerance promotes negligence.

June 21, 2016

Biased reporting by Western Media about Israel



Sadiq Khan, muslim mayor of London, is for a REMAIN of Britain in Europe. He defended his point well during the BBC Debate in Wembley Stadium in London on June 21st, 2016. Of course he wants that more foreigners and refugees and muslims - legal or illegal - enter the United Kingdom. If Khan would have joined the BREXIT group of people who want to control imigration, Khan would have been treated as a traitor by "his own people".


Check the trailer of Oliver Stone's new documentary
Ukraine on Fire


One more link.



25 Years after the fall
of the Berlin Wall
Europe is being
reigned by a former
GDR girl

24 October 2014:

The MH17 Takedown....

Watch this documentary.

What A Mess
September 10, 2014: The West has lost clear sight and does not know how to act in the case of the Islamic State - IS (ISIS).


July 4, 2013: Congratulations Egypt with this (hopefully) quasi coup d'état that eventually will free the way to a pluriform society.

July 6, 2013: Congratulations Edward Snowden with the granted asylum in Venezuela. Practically all countries did not like what you did because each and every government is spying on each and every country.

The forced landing in Austria of his plane forced Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro to make his decision. In any case, nobody and no government can no more say "We did not know what is going on with the help of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. etc."

Joachim Gauck about the Netherlands in Die Zeit newspaper:

"(...) ich (möchte) auch darauf verweisen, dass die Deutschen auf ‘Überfremdungsängste’ nicht reagiert haben wie einige Nachbarn und keine populistischen, fremdenfeindlichen Parteien in das nationale Parlament gewählt haben. In urbanen Milieus in Rotterdam, Amsterdam oder Kopenhagen konnten rechte Parteien reüssieren. Und wo sind vergleichbare Parteien im Deutschen Bundestag? Da habe ich innerlich den Hut gezogen vor den meisten Deutschen."

02-06-2012: Herr Gauck,

ich hatte meine Bedenken als Sie zum Wulff Nachfolger vorgeschlagen wurden. Aber das ZDF-Politbarometer zeigte "eine breite Zustimmung für Gauck".

Nachdem Sie sich über den angeblichen Populismus und Rassismus in den Niederlande geäusert haben wurde meine Skepsis doch einigermassen bestätigt.

Von wem wurden Sie inspiriert um den Niederlanden zu beschuldigen dass es da eine Populistische Partei gibt? Sie, Herr Gauck, haben keine Partei für die Freiheit. Statdessen haben Sie DIE LINKE im Bundestag. Und Sie haben die neulich aufgedeckte "Döner Morde". Ausserdem sind in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern die Neo Nazis (NPD) mit 5 Sitze im Landtag von diesem Bundesland vertreten. In den Niederlanden gibt es keine Fünf-Prozent-Hürde. Wenn es in Deutschland keine Fünf-Prozent-Hürde gäbe, würden viel einfacher unerwünschte Parteien in den Bundes- oder Landtag gewählt. Somit entsteht ein verzerrtes Bild.

Herr Gauck, jetz stellt sich heraus dass Sie als ehemaliger Pfarrer in der DDR von der Bibel wenig verstanden haben, insbesondere den Satz "Du siehst den Splitter im Auge deines Bruders, doch den Balken der in deinem eigenen Auge ist sehen Sie nicht."

The best Operating System (OS) is Demo-Cracy, but you need a good antivirus program to prevent it from being hollowed out from the inside, and in order to protect it from asaults from outside you do need a good firewall so no trojan horse can get into it and use the freedom which democracy provides, to demolish it.


02-26-2012: Bill Gates called one of the leading newspapers in the Netherlands, De Volkskrant, to voice his concern over plans of the Dutch administration to lower the amount spent on foreign aid.

Dear Bill, why don't you call The New York Times and The Washington Post and talk to them about American Foreign Aid and about the financial crisis caused by the lack of regulations of the financial sector in your country. If America would help to resolve this crisis, foreign aid spent by the Dutch government will automatically increase. The necessity to eventually lower the amount spent is because we have to economize. We have to minimise our spending because the American banks sold empty packets with mortgages that could no longer be collected because the houseowners had returned their keys to their banks and the mortgages had ended. As many European bankers and politicians (including the secretary of finance, liberal politician Wouter Bos, of the previous cabinet led by PM Balkenende) had adopted the American rules, the largest and most important bank of The Netherlands, ABN AMRO, was sold just for the gain of the shareholders. What we, the Dutch people, have to economize now is about the amount that was paid to save the mutilated and slimmed down bank.

The fact that you yourself with your foundation spend a lot in poor countries is OK of course. But that does not give you the right to intervene in foreign countries and tell the Dutch what they have to do. The entire world is already contributing to your hobby with every new, ergonomically akward Windows OS bought. Calling De Volkskrant is interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign country.

I do understand though that you want to make your voice heard because, since the passing away of Steve Jobs, Apple gets far too much attention and that needs some correction in the market of today.





01-23-2011: Do you support the burial of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin? and vote DA or NJET.

Vote YES (DA) if you think that the past has to be burried, no matter what.


1-17-2009: Bad PR for Israel if it continues bombing Gaza during the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the US.

It is obvious, Israel wants to stop the bombing of Gaza in time for the inauguration of the new president. But Israel's proclaimed uni-lateral cease fire does not work. At the moment it looks as if they will not succeed to stop bombing during Tuesday, January 20, 2009. The world has really enough of it. There has to be peace in that region by creating a Palestinian state.

It is about time that the Palestinians will also be a chosen people, like we should stand in for so many other peoples on this planet. And the Palestinians should be in full possession of the Gaza Strip especially regarding the huge oil and gas field discovered in their part of the sea waters. The European Union should help them exploit this field.

09-29-2010: Im Holländischen Fernsehen wurde im Program "Nieuwsuur" (Nachrichtenstunde) einen Beitrag gezeigt worin der Bürgermeister von Berlin Neukölln Heinz Buschkowsky und der Moderator Michel Friedman zu Wort kamen. Auch wurde Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel erwähnt die die politische Entwicklungen in den Niederlanden kritisierte.

Liebe Angela Merkel, lieber Michel Friedman, lieber Heinz Buschkowsky,

Sie haben gewiss nicht gut erforscht und verstanden dass die politische und soziologische Lage in den friedlichen Niederlanden Ähnlichkeiten aufweist mit der Lage in Ihrer friedlichen Bundesrepublik. Ihre Integrationspolitik ist zum Teil ebenso gescheitert wie in den Niederlanden. Sie hätten dass bestimmt wissen können wenn Sie nicht auf die elitären Journalisten gehört hätten sondern selbst einiges erforscht hätten.

Es besteht der Verdacht dass die elitären Journalisten Wissenswertes erfahren haben von holländischen Fachbrüdern die beim öffentlich-rechtlichen niederländischen Fernsehen und bei bestimmten Zeitungen arbeiten, und dass Sie diesen Journalisten auf deren Ehrenwort geglaubt haben als die sagten dass Geert Wilders ein Jörg Haider sei sowie vorher der ermordete Pim Fortuyn. Haider hatte extrem-rechtse Sympathien. Fortuyn und Wilders sind eher als sozial zu betragten.

Die Lage in der Bundesrepublik ist bestimmt nicht einfach wie die vielen Dokumentationen über Schulen, über Zusammenleben, über die Trennung der Kulturen die regelmässig im ARD und beim ZDF gesendet werden: Anne Will, Maybritt Ilner, Hart aber Fär und verschiedene Dokumentarfilme über Verschiedenes sowie Türkische Schulen in Berlin.

Auch Deutschland hat viele Kritiker so wie vor vielen Jahren Friedrich Merz (CDU) der vor vielen Jahren den Begriff "Leikultur" introduzierte, wie später Jürgen Möllemann (FDP) und wie neulich Thilo Sarrazin (SPD) der das Buch mit dem Titel "Deutschland schafft sich ab" veröffentlicht hat, wovon die Soziologin türkischer Abstammung, Necla Kelek, bei Anne Will am Sontagabend den 5. September bestätigte, dass die Fakten in Sarrazins's Buch überaus stimmten, nur wenige Schlussfolgerungen wären inkorrekt. Und dann Rene Stadtkewitz der in Pankow gegen den Bau einer Moschee kämpfte und dann aus der CDU geschmissen wurde.

Selbstverständlich tun Politiker sich immer schwer ein sicheres Gleichgewicht in der Gesellschaft nicht zu zerstören. In diesem Rahmen sind die Bemerkungen Heinz Buschkowkys zu betrachten. Selbstverständlich kann er die politischen Entwicklungen in den Niederlanden nicht positiv bewerten. Das wäre unvernünftig denn das könnte seine eigene Politik der er gestalten muss schaden. Er wäre bestimmt nicht gegen ein Burkaverbot wie in Sarkozys Frankreich und in Bashar al-Assads Syrien wenn dies das Gleichgewicht nicht zerstöre.

Und was Michel Friedman anbetrifft, sein Verhalten ist uns bekannt. War er vor ein paar Jahren noch der spielerische Moderator und clevere Opponent in scharfen Diskussionen, heute kann er nicht mehr so klar sehen, obwohl er wieder gesund scheint.

Liebe Angela Merkel, lieber Michel Friedman, lieber Heinz Buschkowsky,
Ihre Kritik an den Niederländischen Politik und an den Politikern ist nicht gerecht denn sie basiert sich auf falsche Tatsachen die bestimmt keine Fakten sind.

9-08-2010: The best suggestion to resolve the problem around the Cultural Muslim Centre (Mosque) near Ground is to build a Multi Cultural Centre next to Ground Zero where all the faiths reside: muslims, christians, buddhists, etc. etc. who are not just given spaces for prayer, but also halls for worship and sermons. It should be founded by the community of New York and not just by one faith/religion.

Taking part in such a center, the muslims will show that tolerance and the freedom of religion as written in the United States Constitution is fully accepted and that their religion is peaceful and tolerant towards other faiths.



1-26-2009: Religion shows its real face. The Catholic Church reinstates bishop Richard Williamson who maintains that no Jews died in the gas chambers during World War Two.

Ya ya, and the Roman Catholic Church/the Vatican/Pope Pius 6 were on the good side during World War Two. All church members should be ashamed of adhering to the Roman Catholic faith.

04-10-2008: Demonstrating Against China for the Case of Tibet...But Where Were You, When...

Where were you? Were you demonstrating when George Bush and Tony Blair (with the support of Silvio Berlusconi and José María Aznar) were invading and bombing Iraq, killing people by the ten thousand in the years after the invasion? Were you demonstrating when they were going to make a mess of the Middle East? Were you?

Where were you? Were you demonstrating when America got the right to use Turkish airfields for the war and granting the Turks a free hand in the suppression and killing of Kurds? Were you demonstrating?

Where were you? Were you demonstrating when in 2000 Robert Mugabe started the farm seizures and when he later burned down the primitiv shelters of thousands of Zimbabwens, and was ruining the economy competely? Were you in a worldwide demonstration asking actions and a standpoint from the leaders of the world? Especially fromm Tony Blair to end Zimbabwe's membership of the Commonwealth?

Where were you? Were you demonstrating when you found out that Quantanamo Bay is quarantaining hundreds of men who have no legal rights and who are treated not in accordance with the Convention of Geneva? Or any other Human Rights Convention? Were you demonstrating?

Where were you? Were you demonstrating when continuing protests should be heard concerning the barbaric sharia which rules in many muslim countries, specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one of the friends of the Western World? Were you seen in the streets of San Francisco?

Would you demonstrate with the same vehemence and would you boycot the Russia of today if the Olympic Games were held there?
And what about if the games were held in the US?

You hypocrites, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. (Matthew 7:5).

11-04-2008: Yes We Can - Barack Obama 44th President - - The United States of America Reinstated.

The world had been wondering if the United States were going ever more down hill. Many thought that the Bush administration had caused the beginning of a painful agony of a mighty nation gradually receding and a power losing its foremost position.
In April many would not believe that Obama would win, there were doubts, although ever more people were ready for a change. The day after the election German ARD television compared the elements of Barack Obama's win to a layered onion. The kernel was the uncommon start in Iowa and the victory there. The first leave was his succesful fight against Hillary Clinton. Then came John McCain's biggest mistake choosing Alaska's governor Sarah Palin as his running mate (which advisor would have proposed such a choice!). An important factor was also that Obama inspired the young. About 118 million new voters were mobilized, the majority of which would certainly vote for Barack Obama. Most important however were the offices and the field work done by so many volunteers, eager to turn the campaign into a success. They believed and wished that a change was necessary. Great help came from the financial crisis which triggered great hopes for a Democrat. That was another leaf of the onion. And the outer layer were the millions spent by supporting citizens. Even a dollar was welcome. And then there was the charismatic personality of the man who started off as a social worker and eventually studied at Harvard where he was loved by black and white. Chaisma seems to be the main ingredient.

Congratulations America with your choice for a new élan! For a new and positive wave which will be deeply felt. Your choice will not only affect you, but will inspire the entire world. Inspiration and positive will and action are necessary because the legacy of the Bush administration is enormous and the mistakes will be difficult to repair. There are the wars in Afghanistan and Iraqe which in the future will be assessed in a sensible and pragmatic way. The liaison with Europe will be rejuvenated. The self imposed isolation of the USA will be reversed. Finding solutions by assembling countries and find solutions on an international basis instead of unilateral behaviour will now be possible.
At home companies will start making an effort to hire new workers while receiving a premium. The new administration will try to help homeowners. And hopefully a national health insurance will be in the making. More people will give their time to their community. The youth will be inspired and may want to go to school. Obama is their new role model, their new idol. Becoming a basket ball player or becoming a rapper is second and third choice. New beginnings are there. But it all wil take time to realize only a small percentage. And yes, hope will often fade, but will be inspired again and again. We should not be impatient but always see the small changes and great results.

George Bush, who, instead of serving his country, used the presidency in order to compete with his father and wanted to be better than Bush Senior, should not be allowed to walk away so easily. Should he be indicted? At least a formal hearing on a large scale should be held and all the damage he and his fellow members of the administration have done to the USA and to the world, should be revealed and reviewed.
The Americans who for eight years have lived in a self imposed isolation, in a country which neglected the Geneva Convention, an administration which gave biased information and told lies, can now breathe again.

05-10-2007: Tony Blair announced he is stepping down on June 27, 2007.

Then he can be brought to justice and tried at the International Court of Justice in the Hague for crimes committed against humanity.

Is it possible that Tony Blair is getting away with "making the world a safer place"? (to quote his friend, George W.)
Much will eventually be analysed and will hopefully be revealed: the masquerade in the United Nations with Geoff Hoon and Jack Straw ("Well, Dominique..."), the many lies, the death of David Kelly (was it murder or suicide), the forced departure of BBC director Greg Dyke, the construction of The Hutton Report, the coinciding, untimely death of Robin Cook, etc.
Of course the world had to get rid of Saddam Hussein (and should get rid of several other dictators as well, with or without oil). But the strategy chosen by Bush and Blair was a concocted scheme based on false information right from the start and they knew it. Their scheming did not take reality into account at all and therefor it was predestined to be a failure, right from the beginning.
And then there is the continuous obstruction by Great Britain of the further development of the EU. Was this strategy also concocted together with George W. Bush? Britain should better become a state of the US and get out of the EU alltogether. See:

08-04-2006: Cyclist Floyd Landis fell through and so did his mennonite mother who had one million Mennonites praying for her and her beloved son who never took dope and was surely innocent. Most religions exclude self criticism.

04-19-2006: If You, as a President Have a Sexual Relation with an Intern, we will start Presidential Impeachment Proceedings. But if You, as a President, start World War Three by bombing Iran, we say you make the country safe.
But maybe you are just a Barking Dog and there is no intern.

12-30-2006: Some comments on the hanging of Saddam Hussein.
There were many comments on the death sentence and the hanging of former dictator Saddam Hussein.

Ulrich Tilgner of Germany's Seond hannel ZDF, analysed that Saddam Hussein had been supported by the USA with weapons and funds in order to prevent Iran to grow in power and significance. He failed. He was supported by the USA in order to gain a dominant position in the region. Saddam failed. And he was supported to bring order in his own country so it could be an example for other countries in the region. He failed.
When Kuwait did not pay its debts, Saddam occupied the former province. That was his fourth mistake.
The analyst of International French Television TV5 said that the process against Saddam Hussein was cut short and the dictator was condemned on a relatively small crime if compared to all the atrocities he himself committed and those committed in his name. This short trial was to prevent to unrevel the real facts. The analyst said that if the process had really been a fair one and the lawyers would have gone to the bottom of it, not only Iraqi's would have to testify, but also people like Donald Rumsfeld (the US provided the weapons of mass destruction which Iraq did not have any longer) and as a result Rumsfeld would have had to stand trial as well. In that case Saddam's death sentence would not have been too certain. Even Colin Powel would have to be heard about his role in the years before the first Iraq war from 1991 and would have to face consequencies. And much more information would surface. Questions like: Who supplied the ingredients for the nerve gas which killed so many Kurds and was the massacre never condemned by the West before Bush and Blair decided to invade Iraq?

02-12-2006: The Pictures of News of the World - British Soldiers beating Up Young Iraqis

If you do not want democracy and do not like the way George W. Bush, Tony Blair and their allies bring it, we will hammer it into you.


02-02-2006: "America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world," said George W. Bush in his State of the Union.
Unstable parts of the world? How come?

11-05-2005: Chers amis de banlieu Parisien
Comment réussir dans la vie? Comment se développer?

Pour réussir dans la vie, dans le monde, il faut avoir/acquérir plusieurs qualités:
1. la volonté de travailler pour sa réussite.
2. l'inclinaison de vouloir s'adapter j'usqu'a un niveau minimum, nécessaire pour pouvoir améliorer sa situation de vie. (Ce n'est certainement pas nier sa descendance, sa culture. Mais de savoir élargir son horizon et se servir de l' occasion quand elle se présente.)
3. savoir prendre l'initiative soi-même et en plus se developper en suivant des cours specialisés.

L'environnement sociale et religieus et le support de la groupe peut, en certains cas, freiner le développement. Ce qui est important surtout c'est de chercher le support positif des parents et des professeurs, le support qui est à la base d'une réussite qui mène à une vie prospère. En cas d'opposition, il faut persévérer et établir son propre plan.
Pourquoi ne pas commencer dès aujourd'hui?

06-07-2005: 5 European leaders appeal G8 countries to increase development aid.
An important ingredient of development aid has a very familiar name: Durex.

01-31-2006: Should the Danish Cartoons appear in all Western Newspapers?

A visitor of my site mailed me and suggested that it would be a good idea if all the Western newspapers (including all US papers) would print the Danish cartoons as a token of solidarity with the Danes and to express the principle of freedom of speech in the western world. German newspapers and french newspapers have already done so. What do you think?

11-29-2005: Germany's Susanne Osthoff kidnapped in Iraq. She faces possibly a terrible ordeal. Is this a result of Angela Merkel's signing "The Letter of Eight" in February and her subsequent visit to George W. Bush in 2003?

Gerhard Schröder said NO to Bush's warplans. But things have changed in Germany since the election of Angela Merkel as Bundeskanzlerin (chancellor). It is only a week into her reign and Angela Merkel is already in trouble: a German citizen has been kidnapped, reportedly by people of the Al Zarqawi clan. It is archeologist Susanne Osthoff who has lived in Iraq for many years, was married to an Iraqi (a Suni) and is converted to Islam. Merkel's ill judgement of the political situation in the world in 2003, and her solidarity with George W. Bush and his deliberate war plans, now seems to backfire on her. In that light the symbolism is clear. A woman has been abducted.
Al Zarqawi was losing popularity in the region because of the terrorist attacks in Jordan and the strong disapproval by king Abdul II backed by the many clans and backed by the Jordanian people was the result. The new abduction puts Al Zarqawi in the spotlight again.

11-10-2005: "Destructeurs d'automobile".

Harald Schmidt in his television show on the German ARD channel commenting on the youth of foreign descent living in the Paris suburbs and setting fire to hundreds of cars.

08-16-2005: World Youth Day in Cologne
A breeding place for the next generation of intolerant Christians? Or is it the place were the true believers are born and meet?

This question is legitimate. We shall not pretend that only in the Middle Ages and the past centuries Christians were intolerant, were suppressors, blessed the dictators, were warmongers and murderers, attending church on Sundays and on weekdays were killing and depriving others to have a bearable life.
The intolerant, the suppressors, the warmongers and murderers are among us and deceive the youth of today by telling them that they are operating in the name of Jezus Christ.


04-19-2005: A new pope elected in Rome.

The choice of Benedictus 16th (Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger from Munich, Germany) means first of all a continuation and upholding of conservative views on pressing human issues.
Secondly it means a clear positioning of the Roman Katholic Church from its origin, Europe, with the Islam as antipode, and this choice must give strength to western society. Simili similibus curentur, as Hahnemann stipulated. Fight conservatism with conservatism.
It was too early for an African pope or South American pope. The next pope could come from India. That is if Ratzinger holds a long pontificat. Because such a change needs time.

11-01-04: The Fundamentalist? The Warlord? Der Kleine Hitler?

The Old Testament, the pre-emptive strike, Guantanamo Bay.
If you want to know for whom I would vote? I would vote for George W. Bush. Not because he is great, but because John Kerry is not really the alternative. Kerry will not make a big difference. And in that I do agree with Ralph Nader. I did not understand why Michael Moore was on his knees begging Nader to step out of the race so Kerry could win.
You will see that after Bush gets another four years, that eventually the right democratic candidate will emerge and that could even be Kerry who will better have adjusted to the situation in four years time.

12-31-2004: The Four Great Disasters Of 2004.
(Did I forget a few?)

1. Iraq: another possibly 10.000 innocent civilians killed.
2. Africa: 1300 children die every day of AIDS.
3. Darfour - Sudan: at least 70.000 deaths (the December 31st estimate).
4. Tsunami in countries bordering the Indian Ocean:more than 150.000 dead.

And we, in the West, ignite for billions and billions of dollars worth of fireworks to celebrate the New Year. 'They do not know what they are doing'. But the hypocrites who, sitting in their comfortable arm chairs, in their tv-programs discuss the presence of God and asked the question: 'Why did not He stop the tsunami', these hypocrites actually should know, if they did study the bible. Apparently they did not.
Let me tell you: God is the seismic alarm system of the United States and Japan. It is the devil who does not transmit a firm warning to the many countries that are expected to be stricken.
God is the emergency exit in the disco. It is the devil who locks the door, because the manager fears a lower turnover and less net profit. Every time again, all over the world doors are locked.
It was the late Dutch reverend Alje Klamer, who explained what the meaning of Sodom and Gomorrha actually is.
Sodom en Gomorra are the wealth and abundance that the inhabitants do not want to share with others whose existence is a daily struggle to servive.
Sodom en Gomorra is not being hospitable and not receiving the needed with open arms. Sodom and Gomorrha are the egoists who pretend that the others do not exist and forget this phrase: Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Sodom and Gomorra is driving in cars with an extremely high fuel consumption. It is sitting in the fromt row of the church and at the same time abandoning people and let them live in cardboard boxes. It is not wanting to sign the Kyoto Treaty. It is the obstruction of the North-South Dialogue. It is the denial of knowledge to others so their lives will not be enriched and cannot be better organized. It is the production of low quality foods enriched with pesticides. It is the shipping of many tons of bottled Coca-Cola to the tsunami stricken countries instead of pure drinking water. Etc., etc.
In the end, Sodom and Gomorrha will be destroyed. He, who does not want to leave the wealth and abundance, and looks back in yearning for that luxurious life which was built on the deprivation of others, the less fortunate, he will perish.
That is a completely different and less convenient Sodom en Gomorra than what the abstractly discussing and debating exegetes do want you to believe in.

11-04-04: Should Queen Elisabeth apologize for the severe bombing of Dresden and the killing of so many German citizens?

Certainly not. Not as long as the Germans themselves still consider their own men as traitors because they refused to serve in Hitler's armies, and are denying these courageous Germans a pension and aknowledge that their deeds were right.

11-03-04: Clever Kerry.

What would you do as a candidate and the margin was so small and the outcome was not sure? Would you delay the anouncement of the winner for maybe a week or 10 days, so all the votes can be counted, in order to possibly be in charge of a severely devided country? And the prospect would be that you, as the new commander in chief, had to clean up the mess in Irak and elsewhere? And that you would have to sacrifice more lives? Congratulations Mr. Bush with your heavy task. And for you Mr. Blair it must be clear now, more than before, that people will associate you with the conservative red states. Is that assertive progressiveness?
Check also this site if you can get connected despite the huge number of visitors: Sorry Everybody



9-24-2004: Who should be the 44th President of the United States of America?

Who is to become President of the United States of America? Is it Bush or Kerry?
Is Kerry the man? He is not the ideal candidate. He lacks assertiveness and he does not have a clear and affirmative standpoint on many issues, especially on the issue of Iraq. Yet the Democrats are trying to win the elections and want Kerry to be the 44th president of the US. They seem to be too eager to put John Kerry into the White House.
That is really not a good thing to do. The best and clever thing to do is to give George W. and the Republicans another 4 years so they can clean up the mess they have created. I do not understand why the Democrats are so eager to put right what George W. has put wrong.
If the Democrats win the election, they will meet with a lot of difficulty. Why should they burn their hands by extinguishing the fire that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Powel deliberately lighted up with the help of Blair, Straw and Hoon? By winning the election the Democrats would do the Mighty Group of Five a great favour. Yes, the world will be less off with Bush and his companions. But the resurrection of democracy will be the stronger and the better after another 4 years of misleading the world.

10-29-04: A message from Bin Laden.

According to Osama Bin Laden it does not matter whether John Kerry or George W. Bush will become the next president of the USA. He states: If "we" (muslims, Arabs) are not attacked (dominated) by the USA, we will not attack the United States of America. Nevertheless Osama Bin Laden does influence the elections in favor of George W. Bush because Bin Laden wants the US to go to the financial limits which will be disastrous for the economies of the Western World.

10-10-2004: Blair's Condolences

After his call offering his condolences to the relatives of Ken Bigley who was brutally murdered in Iraq by terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda, Tony Blair has been busy phoning the relatives of the thousends and thousands of Iraqis who were killed in the Bush-Blair War on Iraq and offering his condolences. It is estimated that he will be busy for many weeksif not months or a year. Jack Straw and Geoff Hoon will assist him shortly. All three men will have to stand trial in The Hague, having committed crimes against humanity and probably of ethnic cleansing. However, extradition will be unlikely. Bush and his companions cannot be tried too, because before he went to war he announced that the USA do not recorgnize the court in the Hague.

10-5-2004: Are the Republicans planning to quit the White House?

Now that Rumsfeld announced that he had seen no document about Weapons of Massdistruction and that there certainly were no links between Al-Qaeda and Irak, and now that Paul Bremmer said that the US have made mistakes by going to war, it looks as if the Republican party wants to rid itself of George Bush. They only can do that by making John Kerry the winner. Bur Democrats, beware: if the Democrats come to power and the mess in Iraq is not cleaned up, they will have to pay for the Republican's mistakes.

10-2-2004: Kerry flip-flopping on Iraq?

Well George, what would the American nation have said if Kerry had disapproved of the war on Iraq right from the beginning and wouild have voted against? He would have been brandmarked as unpatriotic and could forget about his political career.
When Hillary Clinton visited Europe on the occasion of her book being published in Germany, she participated in Sabine Christiansen's Sunday evening discussion program on German television (ARD). And guess what Hillary -after having attacked the rightwing administration of irresponsible arrogance- said? She said: "But I voted for the war!" Of course. If she had not voted she probably could forget about her political carreer in a country where going to the library and lending a copy og the Coran is almost a fellony.

5-1-2004: The European Concert - Das Europakonzert - Le concert européen, by Daniël Bärenboim and Sir Simon Rattle.

With 450 million inhabitants, the new Europe is the world's largest economy, related to trade and population. This event deserves a memorable concert. Daniel Barenboim (in his capacity of pianist) and conductor Sir Simon Rattle must have said to each other "We will make this concert into something special which will be remembered by its impact." But the concert was not special at all. In the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 by Johannes Brahms, the tempi were too slow and therefore the build up of emotion -specifically in the beautiful second movement- was absent and the whole concert became an artificial affair. In that respect it was in accord with the enlargement of the European Union with former Eastblock countries, which is sort of artificial as well. These new countries are welcomed more for political than for economic reasons. If Europe does not seize this opportunity to embrace Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the three Baltic states and Hungary at this very moment, another, later chance will probably not present itself again. Opportunity knocks, so seize it. Although the new member states are historically speaking European, there is still too much echo of the fifty years of Soviet reign. And hopefully that echo will die down before Russia is getting stronger again.

4-19-2004: Tony Blair wants the English to vote on the new European Constitution.

If the outcome of the referendum would mean that the Brits do not accept the constitution, there will be a shockwave in Europe, the BBC said. Well, I must admit that I will not be shocked. I think that Europe does not need a halfhearted member as Great Britain has been all along. The shock will go through the entire UK which will be isolated. We'll see!




9-3-2004: The Schoolchildren of Beslan have been freed. When will we be freed from terrorism?

First: Russia is not a democracy. There is no culture of consultation and discussion. Second: the kidnappers were once kids themselves who were terrorized by the Russian soldiers. They have been traumatized by the many years of war and the cruel occupation and war crimes of the Russian army. Their hatred is so immense, that they resort to drastic tactics and the hostage taking of -yes- kids. In this way they are killing the kids in themselves.
Like all leaders of big countries, also Putin continues to play his macho-role. Deviating from it would show weakness, not only in the eyes of Putin himself and his advisors, but also in the eyes of the other world leaders who proclaim that all actions against the establishment (the imperialism) are Al Queda inspired. Well, when the resistance in Chetchnya began, Al Qaeda was not heard of.
If there is no dialogue, all terrorist fractions will unite in some way.
What is the cause of terrorism?
Not wanting to share the earth's resources, the wealth of our world. Who are the real terrorists?

5-15-2004: Shock and Awe - Abu Ghraib Prison.

What many suspected is confirmed by the "The New Yorker": the mistreatment of prisoners in the Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad is the US policy to substract information about cells and groups which are opposed to the occupation of Iraq by America. The magazine states that this policy rules also in Afghanistan and in other jails in Iraq. It is systemic and applies also to the suspected abuse in Guantanamo Bay. The affair is not over yet. Apparently there are more videos, pictures, details to be published and the disclosure of instructions that led to the sexual abuse and mental and physical torture. Shock and awe. The USA place themselves above any international law.

5-8-2004: Befehl ist Befehl - An order is an order.

It was already reported in January 2004 that many women in Iraq had been raped by American soldiers. Women, the trofee of war. Winning a war is expressed in humiliation of the ennemy and denying the fundamental rights. Guantanamo Bay is the proof. To get results when interrogating, mental and also physical torture is applied. Also in Baghdad in the Abu Ghraib prison and in many more prisons. That is not done because one or two sick soldiers engage in abuse of prisoners. Humiliation and torture is a tool and the use of it is ordered by officials from much higher levels.
If a GI refuses to follow that order, his own existence is in danger. By refusing he will place himself outside the group and he will be humiliated himself, he will be seen as a softy and will suffer mental torture himself, maybe even physical abuse.
By refusing he not only endangers his own life, but also the lifes of his mates and above all of his superiors. That is why only the critical soldier with a strong notion of what is right or wrong, will refuse to participate in ill conduct. It is much easier to follow orders, not only because a soldier has to obey, but because he feels secure in the group. Abuse and torture cannot be that wrong because it is an order and everybody is doing it. So he will participate in humiliation and torturing of the beseiged enemy.
But the secure feeling will disappear as soon as it is reported in the outside world. Than of course the official statement will be that just a few soldiers were behaving badly and the trend was not common practise. The soldiers will be tried. The superiors will not be court marshalled.

4-8-2004: The escalation in Iraq shows that the capture of Saddam Hussein in December was too early.

As long as Saddam Hussein was not captured, the Iraqi's could fear a possible return or at least some influence. But he was captured in December 2003 and the coalition forces may well regret that this event occurred and was so triumphantly announced by Paul Bremmer's well rehearsed phrase: "We've got him".
Now it seems that the capture of the dictator was too early. It paved the way for rebellion against the United States and the coalition partners and strengthened the small groups of rebels in their aim to start their offiensive which -so it seems- they have been preparing already for several months.
Although many people in many countries were opposed to the pre-emptive strike of the USA and Great Britain and still are opposed to the presence of the USA, Britain and others in Iraq, it is necessary for the coalition to win the battle.
If they do not, they will not only lose one of the world's largest oilfields, but they will not deliver what they promised the Iraqi people which will most certainly not going to live in a democracy. The defeat of the USA will mean that they gradually will lose their leading position. It will mean the turning point in the history of the world: the balance will swing to China and the Muslim world, although there will be a long period of transgression and adaptation.

3-22-2004: Jack Straw vehemently condemned the killing of Hamas leader Yassin. A bit too vehemently!?

Although Jack Straw condemned the killing of Hamas leader Yassin, we do not change our opinion about Jack Straw and Tony Blair at all. The condemnation by Jack Straw of the action of the Sharon government was a bit too vehement and therefore suspect, and must be seen in the light of the Madrid bombings and the threat of attacks in the United Kingdon. We have reasonable doubt about Jack Straw's sincerety. He is at least 2 years late in changing his opinion as regards to the conflicts in the entire Middle East (Iraq included).


3-11-2004: The bomb attacks in Madrid could be the work of Al Queda.

If that would have been said by prime minister Aznar in his televised speech today, it would mean his acknowledgement that his policy in going along with George W. concerning the illegal war on Iraq was wrong. So, it is said that the bomb attacks are the work of ETA, not of Al Qaida.
When a few hours ago CNN, BBC World and EuroNews were interrupting their programs and showed what had happened, a first thought was: a farewell present for Prime Minister Aznar on this 11th of March. It was not the style of the ETA, because they would give a time warning. The attack was not in the ETA style because now at four places at least the bombs went off with the purpose to make as much casualties as possible. And the political branch of ETA immediately gave a statement that they were not responsible. It is more and more evident that the crusade against Iraq left the genie out the bottle. Nor the Bush administration, neither Tony Blair and Jose Aznar thought about the possibility, let alone that they would have been prepared for this. They had and have insufficient knowledge of Islam and the Arab world. And the result? Iraq an islamic republic a la Iran?
The attack in Bali on 13-102002 was meant for Australia. Casablanca on May 19 2003 was aimed at Spain. The blast in Istanbul was against Israel and Turkey. Madrid on March 11th again was because of Spain taking part in the coalition. The bombing of the worshipping muslims in Iraq on March 2, 2004 was not done by Al-Quaeda, but could have been done by those Iraqi who do not want that Iraq becomes an islamic republic.


1-30-2004: Terror alert.

Once in a while, when George W. Bush is getting behind in the polls, a terror alert is issued to pump up his statistics, so it seems.

1-29-2004: Digital Zoom and Perfect Splice.

What to do when a world famous Texan has a wet spot on his trousers?
As soon as it is seen on television just use the digital zoom to keep the spot outside the frame and respect is no longer in danger.
What to do when a secretary-general is asked an important question and a secretary of state prevents him from answering and does answer himself (he has his doubts) and the position of the secretary-general and the importance of the organisation he heads is not to be discredited? Just eliminate the word "general" and it sounds as if the "secretary" of state is asked the question in the first place. That is what is called a perfect splice.
How truthfull are broadcasters nowadays?

1-28-2004: Did the BBC make a mistake?

Lord Hutton was comissioned to investigate into the death of Mr. David Kelly, not into the functioning of the journalists and radiomakers of the BBC who stated that "the dossier" on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction had been sexed up and that the 45 minute claim made by the Prime Minister was unrealistic. The 45 minute claim was made by the Prime Minister to coerce the opinion of the public and of the Labour party.
So, did the BBC make a mistake? Yes. The mistake was that the BBC apologized and that the director general resigned. Payback time will come. Don't you worry.


1-26-2004: Sexed up? Yes! Sexed up!

Each time we saw Geoff Hoon, we knew he was lying. When he appeared in "Question Time" his body language and the way he phrased his answers, every viewer who had any sense saw that his intentions were to deceive the public. Even David Dimbleby was of help. When someone in the audience stated that Saddam Hussein threw the inspectors out in 1998 because they were spying, Instead of asking a member from the pannel to anwer to this remark, David Dimbleby announced from which town "Question Time" in the following week woud be broadcast and who would be on the pannel.
Each and every time we saw Jack Straw we knew that the 45 minutes claim and the dossier on the weapons of massdestruction was sexed up. We all remember when he was treating Dominique de Villepin as a schoolboy in the meeting at the United Nations.
Each and everytime we saw Tony Blair telling everybody that Saddam Hussein had WMD and that England could be attacked by Saddam Hussein within 45 minutes, we knew that he played his role on this side of the Atlantic according to the strategy set out by Bush and Blair. Remains the question: Who killed David Kelly? David Kelly...?

1-1-2004: Happy New Year
This morning I was preparing breakfast and I could not open the milkpack. It was completely sealed and glued. It gave me an uncanny feeling. My immediate thought was: Al Qaeda! Can you imagine?
Happy New Year.

10-3-2003: Iraq-Crisis and the Future: Europe without Great Brittain, The UN without the USA.

Great Brittain always was a halfhearted member of the European Union and obstructed many propositions. The USA only adheres significance to the UN if their plans and proposals are not put into practice. So, why not change the fate of Great Britain and the USA: move the UN-1 to Paris, Geneva, Berlin or Moscow, and say 'au revoir' to England.

18-12-2002: BBC-TV News: Some 80 German manufacturers supplied Iraq with products for arms-production.

What BBC newsreader Moira Stewart does not tell the audience is the number of British and US manufacturers who delivered to Iraq and the dubious role of both Great Britain and the United States in the past decades.
Passages with facts and details are easiliy found on the www. I quote:
'(...) publication of the report into the "arms for Iraq" scandal revealed what everyone already knew. In defiance of UN guidelines, Margaret Thatcher's government in the 1980s, and then John Major's in the 1990s, covertly approved arms sales to Saddam Hussein. These were used in the Iran-Iraq war, against rebel Kurdish villagers and to aid Saddam's nuclear program.'


Another quote: 'The United States military has had to face troops previously trained by its own military or supplied with U.S. weaponry in Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, and now in Afghanistan. Due to the advanced capabilities these militaries have acquired from past U.S. training and sales, the U.S. had to invest much more money and manpower in these conflicts than would have otherwise been needed.' See

1-31-2004: Bush and Blair blame Intelligence for their behaviour and decisions.

Imagine getting up in the morning and receiving on your desk in the oval office yet another memo telling you that Saddam Hussein does not have weapons of massdestruction and again you still do not heave a reason to get your hands on the wealth of oil which lies in the ground of the Iraqi people. And imagine that this goes on for years and you still cannot have it your way. That would make you want to invade Iraq without willing to wait for the consent of the United Nations. Wouldn't it?
If the weapons of massdestruction cannot be found in Iraq, we will plant them in the heads of practically every American citizen and as many people outside the US as possible and we will do our best to convince the world that these WMD do exist. There are other reasons why George W. Bush wanted to eliminate the monster the US helped to create decades earlier, the most important being the domination of the region, so the fate of Israel would remain in the hands of Ariel Sharon and the US president.
The UN embargo, which allowed for the production by Iraq of a few barrels a day, meant that this wealth of oil was inaccessable for Bush. There was great anoyance. France had contracts with Iraq. And Iraq threatened to abandone the US Dollar and switch to the Euro for payment of the oil.

Since Bush could not invade Iraq all by himself and because the UN does not participate in an illegal action, he needed to find an accomplish and that is when Tony Blair presented himself.
In order to be able to support Bush, Blair had to be seperated from the rest of Europe. That could be done very easily because prime minister Blair had aspirations and wanted to be a great leader of a great nation, nearly on par with George W. and his United States and so his place in history would be secured.
Blair became Bush's best allie. Together they concocted a plan and got José María Aznar from Spain and Silvio Berlusconi from Italy on their sides.
Not only China is getting more and more a threat to the leading role and the position of the US, Europe too is to be reckoned with. It is the second largest economy in the world and is growing in strength and gradually coming to that position which General de Gaulle had in mind in the nineteen sixties. Blair of course can be of great help and England can easily be persuaded because Brittain has always halfheartedly engaged in the European Union. So Bush first conquered part of Europe and undermined the position of the European Union. The rest of Europe (the "continent", as the British say), especially France (Dominique Villepin), Germany (Joschka Fischer) and Belgium, did not like this at all and did oppose the intentions of the illustre quartet Bush, Blair, Berlusconi and Aznar.
Also Russia did not agree with the invasion because of their ties with Iraq and the oil trade which was at stake. That is why Condoleezza Rice had to fly to Moscow to appease Vladimir Putin and to make some promises for after the war.
To add to the pressure on the UN and in order to get other countries allied, or just fool them, Blair presented the famous "Dossier" containing the claim that Iraq had bought uranium in Nigeria. Furthermore Blair stated that Saddam Hussein could activate his WMD and would mean a danger to England as well. That was a mistake. How for heaven's sake can Saddam Hussein be a threat to England? The 45 minutes claim did not frighten "old Europe" which still was opposed to the war at that very instance. Old Europe thought that the weapons inspectors needed more time, at least another 4 to 6 months for their investigation in Iraq.
But Bush and Blair did not want to waste time. Jack Straw came to the UN and delivered an intimidating speech while treating France's Secretary of State Dominique Villepin as a little schoolboy and told the Assembly more about the eagerness of England to go to war than about the real existence of weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell had the task to read a text containing the so called dangers and illustrated the assessments with images of Iraq's installations and production sites, images which could have been fabricated on a personel computer by any 14 year old. Nevertheless you could see that Powell did not believe much of what he said. What he thought and what the world would think did not matter though.

Bush and Blair were determined to invade Iraq and went along with their plan, even after Iraq had delivered on the 8th of December 2002 nearly 12.000 pages of information and 12 CD-Roms describing all the plans and the eventual existence of atomic, biological and chemical weapons. Although the documents were asked for and Iraq delivered them one day before the deadline, the US obviously had not counted with this prompt delivery of the documents and the CD-Roms on time. That is why not all documents were handed over to the UN. Part was kept by the US and was not accessible for UN officials and the weapon inspectors. This clever move by the US administration made it impossible for other nations to get to the truth and they kept wondering and guessing how dangerous Saddam Hussein was. What did these documents contain? The rest of the wolrd could only speculate about the seriousness of the existence of WMD and the 45 minutes claim.
And so the USA and England had played their game very well and invaded Iraq.
Many countries did not oppose an invasion in Iraq in order to topple Saddam Hussein, but first wanted the legality be proven. Many people saw through Bush's and Blair's hoax. But it is only now that politicians in the US and England are waking up. Is there a way out of this predicament? Now Bush as well as Blair are trying to blame their respective intelligence services for providing false facts, evidence and assessments on the basis of which they went to war. They tell the world that they must have been conned, whereas in reality Blair is a conman which is illustrated by appointing Hutton, a biased judge. Bush is a conman too as is illustrated once again by the fact that the report of the investigation he comissioned on the mis-intelligence will be delivered in 2005 after the coming elections in the US in November 2004. They are the conmen who have conned the world and still try to con.
But the game is not over yet. There is a great chance that they will be defeated. By the Iraqi people which can make the military forces flee the country more or less under the same circumstances of 1922 when England had to flee Iraq because they never made an effort to understand these people. And defeated by the public opinion in the US as more and more soldiers die in Iraq.
Yes, it is a good thing that Saddam Hussein's regime has fallen. Nobody denies that. But blaming the intelligence agencis is not very intelligent. It shows that Bush and Blair have been fooled. That already is a reason to not reelect these unintelligent leaders.
There are more dictatorial regimes that have to be tackled. What about Mugabe? What about destroying the heroine maffia and bringing freedom to the people in Columbia? But Mugabe, Columbia, and others are not of interest to George W.
Yes, the fall of Saddam Hussein can mean a big step forward in the development and the prosperity of the Middle-East. But was this the right and legal way to bring that change for the better about when many thousends of Iraqis had to die?
What many people want is a trial of Bush and Blair and a conviction of these two and their allies because they placed themselves above the United Nations, and because their action was illegal. (The US and British administrations are well aware of the aspect of illegality. This is proven by the fact that Saddam Hussein is declared prisonor of war and not a war criminal.) And then there is the growing disbelieve in the Report of the Hutton Inquiry which made Greg Dyke resign from the BBC.
There are exciting times ahead.

1-6-2004: "Trümmermänner" in Iraq?

After the Worldwar 2 in Germany, in all cities, women were clearing streets and squares and cleaning bricks to be used for the rebuilding of houses, streets and monuments. They were called Trümmerfrauen (debris women). The chaos in Iraq is first of all a result of the severe bombarding by the coalition troops. Secondly: the former state economy has to be reformed into capitalist economy. The danger is apparent. Most Iraqi men have no job and if they can work for a few hours they earn a fraction of what they were used to. If the West is serious about rebuilding Iraq why not give every man a job as "Trümmermann" payed by the West. He would contribute to the new Iraq, he would earn a living, and the activity of the workforce would regulate Iraq's social and economic life, and speed up te recovery of the country. But such an idea does not agree with the American policy of "laissez faire, laisser aller".


9-11-2003: The Selfdestruction of Israel

Israel under Ariel Sharon is leading towards its selfdestruction if there is no change in the Israeli government and the pursuit of a new policy towards cooperation. But it is doubtful if there is still a chance for changes.
From the onsett the roadmap to peace was a fake, a smokescreen and of course did not bring the expected change. Moving one caravan by the Israeli setllers was not enough. While Hamas accepted and announced a truth, Israel continued to retaliate into the extreme which forced the Palestinians to lose their good will.
Now that Israel has announced that it will send Yasser Arafat into exile or even will dispose of him in some other way, it is natural that the Palestinians announced to kill Ariel Sharon.
It is inconceivable that the Israeli people still support Ariel Sharon's government. If my children had been killed by a suicidebomber I would have asked the government for a change in policy.
Israel's economy is in complete peril. That fact alone would be reason enough to strive for peace.
It looks as if Israel is not on a roadmap to peace but is isolating itself and is more than ever on the road to selfdestruction.

2-14-2003: Bush and Blair announce that they will back the foundation of a Palestinian state.

Well Mr. Bush, you are two and a half years late. You and your administration were one of the important factors for not stopping the conflict. Tactics in politics can be very well needed and be very usefull. But tactics over the thousands of dead bodies of Israeli and Palestinian civilians and the destruction of homes, families and a believe in a better future cannot be the tactics from a real Christian as you consider yourself. Your so-called Christian Faith is not sincere at all and not in accordance with the words of Jesus Christ. You should remember these words: Whatever you have done unto your neighboor, you have done unto me.

10-2-2003: Iraq-Crisis: Europe Is Growing Up.

George W. Bush's twinkle in the eye when he declared that time was running out for Saddam Hussein, was not at all an indication of the graveness of war. The twinkle was apparently also premature. Unexpected was the unwillingness of Belgium, France and Germany to decide to send patriot missiles to Turkey four days before the final meeting of the UN Security Councel on Friday February 14th. A decision could as well be taken right after the meeting of the UN.
What is the prblem? Europe has always been the valet of the USA. Charles de Gaulle was for a independant Europe and since that was not feasable he made France quit for the military part and kicked the USA and Nato out of Paris and Fontainebleau. Nato moved its European headquarters to Evere near Brussels.
The relations within Nato had since been more or less ideal. But the lack of diplomacy on the US-side by both Bush jr. and Rumsfeld, and the threat of executing the pre-emptive strike on Iraq just with Great Britain and without the alliance, has caused quite some irritation. France positions itself within Europe against Great Britain. The refusal of Germany to send German troops into Irak is against the German constitution. Germany only can take part in an attack if the Constitution is amended to that effect. And in Belgium elections are at hand.
The argument that the USA liberated Germany in 1945 and established there democracy is false. If you have been helped by a someone who became your friend you may be thankful. But does this mean that more than 50 years later you have to swallow the poison fed to you by this friend? On top of this: the USA was a different country in 1945.
What this all show is that Europe after the introduction of the Euro is finally getting stronger and does not accept the uncalculable risks and dangers of a war against Iraq which already had been decided at the end of 2001.
George W. and Tony Blair can only be winners if the war is a short affair and does not provoke the explosion of the various conflicts that are simmering all over the globe. In all other cases they loose.

30-10-2002: Joschka Fischer was not invited in the White House. The German position on the War on Iraq: Only with a mandate of the United Nations.

Germany will not supply troops to fight on Iraqi soil. This position was not appreciated at all by the US administration. To accentuate the dismay, Secretary Rumsfeld resorted to high school behaviour, some gigling which accompanied ridiculing remarks when addressing German's Secretary of Defense Dr. Peter Struck.
The firm remarks of Mrs. Daubler-Meglin that politicians and heads of state often use a problem outside of their country to distract from the attention on problems at home, should be seen as a rightful response.
Today it seems that the US wants to wait for some results of the inspectors who will go to Iraq. If the German Secretary of State Joschka Fischer had been invited by Bush at the White House, this could be misinterpreted that the decision was influenced by Fischer and the German position.

New opinions will be added in due time.


6-12-2002: New York Students fear FBI.

German ZDF-TV correspondant Udo van Campen reports on December 6: university-students from New York fear that the FBI is tapping their phones and reading their e-mails. Anyone who critizes the government seems to be against America's interestests. Many Americans (and Brits) are misinformed about the real reasons and arguments. Most are probably not interested as Mihael Moore said. Most do not even know where Iraq is.

12-8-2002: The Iraqi government delivers nearly 12.000 pages of information and 12 CD-ROMs describing all the plans and the eventual existence of atomic, biological, anmd chemical weapons.

Although the documents were asked for and Iraq delivers them one day before the deadline, the US obviously did not count with this prompt delivery of the documents and the CD-Roms just in time. That is why not all documents have been handed over to the UN. Part is kept by the US and is not accessible for UN officials and the weapon inspectors. This clever move by the US administration makes it impossible for other nations to get to the truth and they just keep on guessing how dangerous Saddam Hussein is. What do these documents contain? The rest of the world can only speculate about the seriousness of the existence of WMD and the 45 minutes claim.



5-12-2002: In the USA and Great Britain are supplying information about their politics which will lead to the war against Iraq is manipulated.

In a broadcast on BBC televison of December 5, 2002, Ruby Wax invites journalist John Simpson and filmmaker Michael Moore. The object is to talk about the pending war on Iraq. Reactions from the audience show that most people have digested the propaganda and are ready for the war. Michael Moore clearly states that it is not about weapons of mass distruction of Iraq, but the 'weapons of mass distraction' of George Bush's administration and his companion Tony Blair. In Ruby's show however the Iraq question is hardly discussed.
It is the same BBC-policy which is followed by David Dimbleby in 'Question Time'. When a man in the audience reports that he watched 'Breakfast with Frost' and heard that the Americans had a secret agenda in 1998 to torpedo the inspections in order to find a reason to attack, Dimbleby simply states that this is an interesting remark and goes on to mention the details of where the next 'Question Time' will be broadcast from.

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