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The presentation by Hillary Clinton of the American soldier with muslim background who was killed while on duty in Irak.

And the scandal constructed about Donald Trump's reaction.


Why was Donald Trump much criticised for the way he reacted to the presentation of the killed Gold Star soldier with islamic background?


It is obvious. During the Democratic National Convention the party counted on winning many (if not all) American muslims to vote for Hillary Clinton. That is why the propaganda-committee, well I mean the campaign staff, decided to present Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of the american Gold Star soldier at the DNC rally on July 28, 2016. Yes, also a number of muslims gave their lives to "make America safe" as George W. Bush proclaimed. Well, muslims also kill Americans and not only Americans. It is reported that there are less than a dozen muslim soldiers who died in that war, while there were 3000 American soldiers who died and among these numerous afro-americans; and many were injured. But they were not mentioned during the DNC in Philladelphia.


Hillary Clinton portrays a totally distorted image of what and who "the American soldier" is, while Donald Trump makes an effort to support the veterans traumatised and wounded in the wars of father and son Bush and they are subsequently neglected and not cared for.


Trump was irritated by the display during the Democratic National Convention where practically all women, no matter of what ethnicity or cultural background they are or what background they have, were moved and shedding tears because of the fact that a woman eventually could become president of the United States of America in November this year. Women who in the mean time forget about what Hillary Clinton stands for or don't know Hillary Clinton's character and personality and her achievements.

It was really not clever that Donald Trump reacted in a blunt and unthoughtful manner. He should have consulted his advisors. Trump also may have presumed that Ghazala Khan did not speak at the DNC because she is a woman and a woman has to submit according to the muslim belief and would not be allowed to speak.


Nevertheless there are enough Trump followers who do agree with Donald Trump and find the propaganda of Hillary using the sorrow of a family who's son perished in the Iraq war, the war Hillary Clinton fully supported at the time. Of course Khizr and Ghazala Khan finally were able to speak about their son and their sorrow. That they did this is fully understandable.  They are not so much to blame. However the campaign staff should be blamed using them for purposes of recruitement of voters. Apparently it was an answer to the accusations done by the mother of a State Department employee deceased at Benghazi and the testimony of Two Marine Corps veterans who fought in Benghazi as part of a security team posted near the U.S. diplomatic compound.


The Clinton-supporters forget that Hillary was a bad Secretary of State to put it mildly and the possible hacking of emails on her private server and if so that was partly instrumental in the dying of the American ambassador, diplomats and soldiers in Benghazi.
Among the undecided voters are those who finally decide to vote for Hillary Clinton, but they are those who are the least informed and did not do enough research.


Obama wants the continuation of his pro-islam policy which makes it possible for islamists to overthrow secular states and turn these into Islamic States with sharia law. The Iran-deal is a most dangerous aspect of this policy. Hillary Clinton is the nominee who will continue the islamization of Western Society. Angela Merkel is Obama's ally and will be Hillary Clinton's also. An important fact in this matter is that there is still no peace agreement between Germany and the USA after World War 2 ended which means "dependency" or "submission".

A quote from Und genau dahin zielt ja auch der „Geheime Staatsvertrag“** vom 21.05.1949, dessen Bestimmungen vorsehen, die Hoheit über Deutschland bis 2099 letztlich den USA zu überlassen. Das GG galt nur zur Organisation der Verwaltung der BRD, welche aber – ob man es glaubt oder nicht, durch Aufhebung des Artikel 23 des Grundgesetzes (GG), der den Geltungsbereich des Grundgesetzes regelt, am 31.8.1990 mit Wirkung zum 29.9.1990 erlöschen ist. Der Status der BRD wurde zum 19. September 2000 in eine Finanzagentur-GmbH umgewandelt. Das sind Tatsachen.

Simply: The "Secret treaty" from 21.05.1949, rules the provisions that sovereignty over Germany is to be left to the US until 2099. The "Grundgesetz" (the constitution) was made to organize the "administration" of West Germany. After the unification of West and East Germany, Article 23 of the Constitution (Grundgesetz) was dropped/removed on 31.08.1990. One month later, on 09.29.1990, the status of the Federal Republic of Germany has been converted into a financial agency, a corporate firm, a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung.


The words Obama said speaking at the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 have not yielded any improvement. It seems that Obama's and Clinton's policy is exactly the opposite of what former Egyptian General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, now president of Egypt, strives for. In fact Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is practically the only one who agreed saying that the destroyed and burned churches of the Christians in Egypt, the Copts, should be rebuilt. In response to that the Muslim Brotherhood sabotaged the sewer system in Alexandria earlier this year when the city had its annual excessive rainfall. Nevertheless, El-Sisi knows that a secular state or a semi-secular state allowing all sorts of faiths and beliefs, is the best way to build a society that prospers.

We in the West do know that the future is not a mono culture reigned by a midieval faith but a society with a variety of people and that is a tolerant society. There is a lot of work to do!

R.A.B. August 5, 2016.


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