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The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Article first published on May 27, 2021



It was Winston Churchill who said, If you are not a Socialist at twenty you have no heart. If you are not a Conservative at forty then you have no brains.


If you - as a socialist - used to be in favor of the PLO, it was because you wanted a solution to the Palestinian problem once and for all, and perhaps you wished it not only for the Palestinians but also for Israel.

As a Socialist, you were also for the Palestinians because you had not been adequately informed and even deliberately lied to and you did not realize that Israel had had the land in there for centuries, the land that became a kingdom under Saul and some time later was ruled by King David.

Also, you had not been told that the conflict stems from the Qur'an (Koran). In fact, Muhammad had proposed to the Jews of Medina (where Muhammad operated before finally taking refuge to Mecca after all) that they cooperate with him and support his movement. But the Jews refused. They already had their own religion. Muhammad took revenge. The Jews fled because they feared for their lives. Those who didn't get away in time were killed. Another possibility was that they paid high taxes to stay alive.



That's why it says in the Qur'an that "the peoples of the book", the Jews and also the Christians, must be destroyed. The Christians because they organized the crusades against the Muslims when the Muslims were taking over the shrines in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Jews and Christians could escape that fate by converting, submitting to Islam. The word "Islam" means "submission".


This means that as long as the Muslims do not reform their religion, 'Islam', and see 'the narrative' of the constructed enmity between Jews and Muslims as taught by the Quran, a book of 14 centuries ago, and they do not begin to see the Quran in a new and historical perspective... as long as every new Muslim generation is shaped by what is in the Quran, the Hadith and the writings of Bukhari and other important historical figures, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is unsolvable.

It may be many decades if not another century or more, before a solution will be possible.


Watch Brigitte Gabriel's video on YouTube from 2015

Article first published in Dutch on May 27, 2021




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