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December 7, 2018

This is what you get when you disrupt your society with your deranged global policies.


Any sociologist can tell you that society has a high degree of elasticity. People can adapt very well to new circumstances. But any sociologist can also tell you that there is a limit to this flexibility, to this capacity for adaptation and that sooner or later society will rebel.

Ask any psychologist about the capability of an individual to adept to changing circumstances in every day life. Any psychologist will tell you that some people are more able to adjust than others and will also tell you that there is a limit, a ceiling, when adapting.


Politicians often think that by enacting new laws and rules, society will accept them. In general, society is of good will. However, it does not easily succeed in simply following laws and rules, especially when the existence of the individual is at stake and a high degree of adaptation is required over a long period of time. Degree and time are the determinants.

Notwithstanding the fact that the politicians have been elected by the people, they accuse that same people of ill will if new measurements and laws are not accepted. And if opinions are in contrast with those of the government, the politicians are calling the realists rightout "populists", the easiest way not to have to discuss whatever subject.

Emmanuel Macron was elected by the people. But only by a minority. In the second round only 52% of the French electorate showed up to vote. Macron won with 61.79%. That means that just 32.13% (52 x 61.79) of the French electorate made him president. Not very substantial and far from representing a majority. Slightly more than 15 million votes of a potential 47 million.


The British Independent wrote, 12 June 2017: "...turnout at the poll was also the lowest the country has seen in modern times, with just 48.7 per cent of 47 million registered voters casting their ballot - a nadir for modern France. The low turnout is most likely because strong supporters of the other parties cannot bring themselves to vote for Macron, but neither will they turn out for their own parties."

 Other media reported that the turnout was 52%, being the lowest in 20 years.

The choice was between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Obviously many a voter did not want to vote for either candidate and stayed home as they must have been disappointed by the state France was in as a result of the reign of the weak socialist François Hollande and the banker Emmanuel Macron did not promise tantalizing prospects. The French intuitively did not have any confidence in Macron's abilities to lead France in this age of diversity. And voting for Marine Le Pen was out of the question for many who had followed the history of the Front National starting with Jean-Marie Le Pen.

There was not enough support for Emmanuel Macron. And as was suspected, his ability to lead a country and to lead the French people was in fact nil.

Macron raised the tax on fuel in early November this year. He did n ot realize that this measure was the straw that broke the camel's back. That is not the only issue. There are multiple issues, among these a very important one, "immigration".

The Gilets jaunes movement was the answer of the common man to Macron's policy. And the movement can really be considered as an uprising in the great French revolutionary tradition involving not only honorable citizens, but also the hooligans plus extreme leftist and above all destructive Antifa. Antifa naturally want to give the realistic French people a bad name. But the fascist Antifa itself has already a bad name itself. The demonstrators are just ordinary people who have enough of paying through their noses for issues they really did not vote for.

And Emmanuel Macron? He is hiding it seems. He should have addressed his citizens already days ago.

Watch Martina Markota's Report at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris: Tear Gas, Flames Sign of "Revolution"

9 December, 2018 - It is reported that "The French Government is investigating the role of Russia (Putin) in the Gilets jaunes uproar."
Of course, blame Vladimir Putin, the passe-partout of the West. If you don't want to recognize and accept your own wrong policies, there is always Putin to blame. That is what was called in ancient times a "deus ex machina", a fabrication to end a play if the writer could not find a real explanation and a solution for ending the plot. That is the weakest option.

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