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Tommy Robinson's New Trial


Tommy Robinson is on trial again tomorrow.


Last month, the Court of Appeal found Tommy Robinson was improperly tried, improperly convicted and improperly sentenced. He now faces a retrial for the same charges.

If he’s found in contempt, he could be sent back to prison — where he faces daily death threats from Muslim prison gangs, and the real fear for the safety of his family, facing threats at home.


Katie Hopkins sat down with Tommy Robinson for a heart-to-heart interview. She asked him about tomorrow's trial — and what being sent to prison again would do to his family: Tommy spoke very emotionally about his family, and the price they’ve paid for his determination to fight for what he knows is right. For our sons and daughters to grow up in a country where they can be safe to be children.


Katie Hopkins:


"My own sadness was to hear Tommy tell me he does not feel well, mentally. I know - first hand - he needs our help. Please watch and share this video with your friends. And, as you know, Tommy has authorized Ezra Levant and The Rebel to crowdfund his legal fees.

If you haven’t had a chance to help out yet, please click here.

Yours truly, Katie Hopkins

P.S. I believe part of the Attorney General’s strategy is to “break” Tommy — physically, psychologically and financially. By covering his legal bills for him, we can help Tommy survive. Please click here, and type as your Facebook status, to spread the word. Thank you again.

Katie Hopkins."


You also can watch the video directly on YouTube.

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