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Article published on the internet on April 6, 2017.

Donald Trump gives in to his adversaries when forced to adopt and continue Barack Obama's policy for Syria and Bashar-al-Assad.

What is the matter with Donald Trump by saying that Syria is to blame for the chemical gas attack on Tuesday April 4th, 2017 and admits that sarin gas was the deliberate weapon? So the Russian version of accidently hitting a warehouse storing chlorine is not true?

There are various problems. One is that there are still too many officials in departments and commissions who were appointed by Barack Obama. And these liberals will do anything to prevent Donald Trump from developing his own style of governing and pursuing his initial program.

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The U.S. Permanent Representative to the United is Nations is Nikki Haley. She is appointed by Donald Trump but acts as if she is an Obama adept and her statement in the UN made it clear that she is more powerful than expected. She shows that Obama's policy to eventually oust Bashar al-Assad should be continued.

Of course this "new" policy is of the Trump administration but is against Donald Trump's original idea that the Syrian people should decide if Assad remains in power.

So Syria has to be blamed and can be used as the evil factor in any of the coming events in the war against the Syrian rebels and ISIL.

Apparently Haley's statement indicates that the military advisers of the president forced Trump to switch to the unverified fact tthat Bashar al-Assad's government is behind the chemical attack.

There have been numerous events leading up Donald Trump changing his views. There was the trouble with Michael Flynn's appointment as national security advisor. Flynn's alleged contacts with Russia of which details were most certainly deliberately leaked resulted in the firing of Flynn.

There was the appointment in January of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. Right from the beginning Donald Trump had difficulty establishing good relations with any security body. So now he was forced to dismiss Steve Bannon also.

Trump obviously thought that being POTUS he would have enough power to define his own policies and put them into practice. It is clear that too many functionaries in governmental departments and institutions have been against the election of Donald Trump as president and they will show that they are powerful.

Then there are the so called "muslim bans" or "travel bans" which are not really banning people from entering the country the official way. The purpose of the bans is to take a certain time to establish a vetting system that is effective because the countries mentioned in the bans do not have a solid, detailed and trustworthy administration of their inhabitants. In fact there is nothing wrong with checking the motives of immigrants.

Donald Trump should replace those people who are in the most important positions. And he should do this as soon as possible because the liberals are fighting back and could be winning some ground.

Is it too early to say that Donald Trump's unique presidency is over?

Rudolf A. Bruil, April 6, 2017.



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