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Joachim Bung: Swiss Precision

The New 2019 Comprehensive Edition
Two Volumes in Slipcase

8 April, 2018


Since the publication of Swiss Precision in 2008 which was welcomed by many collectors and hifi aficionados, Joachim Bung, the author of this important book, has been working nearly ten years to research, write and finally publish the most comprehensive books ever written about the playback equipment of the golden era of the analogue LP record.

His books are the world’s most extensively illustrated volumes, and are available now in a brand new third edition consisting of two heavy volumes in a sturdy slipcase.


On Joachim Bung's business card it says "Vintage Hi-Fi & Rock 'n' Roll Collector". There are many Hi-Fi enthusiasts and fanatics who collect equipment, and there are many enthusiasts who collect records. But Joachim Bung is an exceptional case as he is a collector of both Rock 'n' Roll LP records and Vintage Hi-Fi’s. For Joachim this is a question of authenticity. The music of the time must be heard on the devices of the time in order to have a "unity of hardware and software".

His interest and fondness for this subject is likely to have started early in life. Possibly in 1958 when he heard Elvis Presley’s music for the first time during the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s visit to Germany to serve in the US Army in nearby Friedberg. At this time Elvis could be heard on practically every radio station in the country. This is likely when Bung was bitten by the bug.

Author Joachim Bung (r), Holger Trass (Analogue Audio Association) and the Wurlitzer jukebox.

All you need to do is visit his Swiss Precision website to see a few memorabilia on the walls and a prominent Wurlitzer 1800 vintage juke box to confirm the Rock 'n' Roll aspect, the embodiment of the lifestyle of the 1950s.

The most important object in the category “Vintage Hi-Fi” however is of course the Thorens TD124 turntable with the Ortofon RMG212 tone arm and the special SELA arm lift from Sweden - which is the heart of the whole collection and "title picture" on Volume 1 of the new issue!

The two books in the slipcase count 962 pages in total, 656 for Volume One and 306 for Volume Two. They are written in the German language. To publish the books in English at the same time would be a very costly affair and should be reserved for a publisher in the United Kingdom or the United States who acquires the rights to the books from the author.


For the die-hard collector who does not speak or read German this shouldn’t be a reason not to contemplate buying the books. Joachim compliments this by stating that, "The third edition in two volumes has an unusually high proportion of images (about 60 percent). It may therefore also be interesting for readers who do not understand German – or who have a German acquaintance who can help to translate."

Indeed, the best reasons to buy the books are the many illustrations consisting of advertisements, photographs and descriptions in English.

Bung: "You do not need German language skills to view the many ultra-fine images, nor for the study of the many English ads from the mother countries of Hi-Fi, Great Britain and USA."
Nevertheless it could be wise to make a glossary available of the most important technical terms for non-German speaking collectors.


Names like EMT, Garrard, Goldring, Lenco, Ortofon, SME, Decca, Rek-O-Kut, Audax, Empire, Acoustical, Perpetuum Ebner, Braun, Connoisseur, Bang & Olufsen, General Electric, Grado, ADC Pritchard, and many more are extensively shown. Pioneers like Avery Fisher, Herman Hosmer Scott, Emory Cook, and a host of Thorens family members are included. The alternative is to purchase the English version of Joachim Bung's "Swiss Precision" in one volume which is also still available.


Rudolf A. Bruil, 8 April, 2019

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